Poor Marks in Examinations- How to Counsel and Comfort Your Little One

A child’s poor performance in their examinations is often met with scolding, berating, and punishment of some sort. Some parents even go as far as putting a stop to all fun activities for kids as punishment and further dictating their kids’ activities at home. However, this type of parental intervention may not be ideal for the development of your child.

As a parent, you may ask yourself: “How can I help my child achieve better marks?”: “What should I do to encourage them?”: “How can I keep them motivated?”.

This is where you can avail of the services provided by Yellow class, which include parental assistance as well as free online hobby courses for your child. Most often, a child’s shame and disappointment regarding a low grade are sufficient to steer them on the right path. However, parental interference can play an important role in helping children find some direction. Here’s how you can address your child’s low marks positively:

  • It is important to first help your child comprehend the significance of good marks in examinations. It is strongly recommended that you don’t wait for a bad report card to have this conversation with your child. You should be aware of any subjects or topics that your child may be struggling with. This will allow you to offer support to them and help them prevent bad grades.
  • You must always keep in mind that your child is separate from their grades. Every child experiences embarrassment for their bad grades and you must not add to it by displaying a negative reaction. You should remind them that you love them irrespective of the bad grade and assure them that you will help them find a solution for future success at school.Read More About:  bolly4u
  • You should demonstrate applause for the subjects that your child is excelling in and acknowledge their achievements in those areas.
  • You should approach the conversation with a sense of concern. Your speech should not express anger or resentment. Your displeasure should be directed towards the grade and not your child. Getting to the root of the problem should be the primary objective of your conversation with your child.
  • Asking your child what is troubling them is the simplest way to address this problem. If you wish to know what resulted in your child receiving a bad grade, the best way is to ask relevant questions to your child. You should ask them if they are facing any difficulties with classes, assignments, peers, or teachers. You should realize that allowing your child to explain their problems is an important part of helping them succeed.

In this journey of helping your child improve their marks in examinations, it is vital to understand that rewards and punishments are inefficient methods of helping your child. To gain some insight on the grading system, as well as the teaching methods, you can also approach their teachers. It is important to let it be known to your child that you don’t expect them to compete with others. This is because it has been observed that most students feel stressed every day of their lives and this can lead to behavioural, emotional, and health problems.

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