Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures to Improve Your Appearance

Plastic surgery practices began in the ancient times of World War 1, where injured soldiers would have reconstructive surgery to help with their traumas. The field has grown over the years, gaining popularity in today’s world and improving its effectiveness and success. However, many individuals today have plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes rather than therapeutic reasons. But, whatever your reason, having it done by a professional is critical for your safety and the success of the procedure. If you look to have facial plastic surgery in San Francisco, you should consider consulting the expert Michael R. MacDonald M.D., of Aesthetic Surgery Center. Call the office today or book online to schedule your appointment.

Here are some cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments you may benefit from Dr. MacDonald at his Aesthetic Surgery Center clinic:

Face and Neck Lift

Face and neck lift surgery is a common treatment for men and women to fight signs of aging and enhance appearance. The procedure aims at correcting issues on the jawline, cheeks, jowls, and neck. It improves sagging, eliminates lines and wrinkles, and restores lost volume, enhancing a smooth and firm appearance. Liposuction may also be a part of face and neck lift to eliminate excess fat deposits on the face and under the chin, creating a slim and firm look.


Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure in the United States, also known as a nose job. The cosmetic surgery procedure addresses various issues, including:

  •       Too long or too short of noses.
  •       Bumps or lumps along the nose bridge.
  •       Too wide of nose.
  •       Trils.
  •       Narrow nasal tip.
  •       Bridges that look too wide.
  •       Wide nasal tip.
  •       Drooping tip.
  •       Asymmetry of the nose or some part of the nose.

Rhinoplasty can also help treat conditions that cause difficulty or noisy breathing. A nose being at a central place in your face contributes a lot to your facial appearance, which may affect your self-esteem when you have nose issues. Rhinoplasty helps improve your confidence hence better living.


Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct aging issues on your upper and lower eyelids, including droopy eyelids, saggy and fatty deposits on the eyelid, among other problems.

Blepharoplasty can occur along with other procedures such as laser resurfacing to eliminate wrinkles, folds, and textures changes around the eye. Brow, face, and neck lift surgeries may also combine with blepharoplasty.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is an aesthetic procedure that raises the brow and minimizes wrinkles and line appearance on your forehead and around your eyes to give a younger look. This surgical procedure focuses on elevating and moving the underlying muscle tissue around your forehead and brow area to enhance a refreshed and youthful appearance. The procedure combines with facelift and neck lift for more appealing results.


Liposuction is a procedure to eliminate the excess and stubborn fat that does not go away with diet or exercise. This minimally invasive procedure allows you to achieve a slimmer appearance or your desired look. You can have liposuction on your belly, chin, neck, hips, and thighs, among other body areas.

If you look to improve your appearance and confidence, consult with the plastic surgery expert Dr. MacDonald for excellent results. Contact their office today to schedule your consultation.

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