With the advent of new LED and OLED screens, the appetite for TV among Australians, especially Brisbanites, is greater than ever. More and more residents are investing in flatscreens and renovating the viewing area with TV wall mounting in Brisbane for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Nothing is more heart-breaking than coming home to a fallen flatscreen or a TV getting damaged in the middle of the night due to incorrect installation of the wall mounts. Whether a person is moving to their new homes, renovating their current living space, or upgrading the office with a new flatscreen LED television, TV installation is a crucial task that needs to be done right. TV installation and mounting services are usually better left to the professionals. But many often attempt to mount their flatscreens using online DIY techniques but may end up paying a big price due to simple mistakes they make. Here are a few.

1) Not Picking the Right Location

People have the notion that the centre of the wall in the living room is where TVs usually go. But just because the flatscreen might look good on that wall does not mean that it should go there. TVs must be mounted on walls that offer the most comfortable viewing experience. Not to mention the strength of the wall to hold the newly installed mount and the TV. So, one has to consider the sturdiness of the wall, the sun exposure, the height at which the TV is placed, placement of the connected devices, plug-in area, fireplace and any future redecorations before securely mounting it.

2) Using the Wrong Equipment

In simple words, TV wall mounting in Brisbane involves drilling irreversible holes in the wall, adding brackets, screwing the mount and the TV securely, aligning the angle, and fishing the wires to connect them to the power source and other devices. It may sound easy, but it may not be such a trivial task without the right tools and the right expertise. It may take some time to learn all the techniques necessary to secure the mount safely and do it right. Also, buying new tools just for the wall mounting might be more expensive than hiring professionals. Hiring professionals can guarantee a safe installation process.

3) Choosing the Wrong Mount and Brackets

A common misconception that people have about wall mounts is that all wall mounts work for any flatscreen TV. It is important to know that different TV wall mounts have different capacities when it comes to size and weight. There are also stable and swivelling mounts available to fit people’s viewing experience from different angles. Not picking the right mount could risk the TV from leaning side to side when there’s a movement or disturbance. It could also potentially fall off the mount if the screen is too heavy for it to hold.

It is also important to know the type of wall that one is mounting the stand on and where the studs are located behind the drywall. In some cases, people cannot use normal studs and screws to secure the brackets in the wall. Then they need to think out of the box and use special tools and techniques to do the same safely. For example, a full-motion bracket requires a reinforced wall to be able to mount it safely and securely.

To minimize these unforeseen errors with tv wall mounting in Brisbane, it is good to consult professionals from trusted installation companies or mounting services to do the job well scooptimes.

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