Proxy server capabilities

The proxy server is an additional link between the main server and the user. That is, it acts as an intermediary that separates the real user from the site he is visiting. That is, the site that the user visits sees only his proxy, which creates the illusion that he is the real user. You can choose a proxy here

Proxies are multifunctional and can perform a number of important tasks:

– ensuring confidentiality – is done in order to hide the identity of the user and his real IP address from the site he visits;

– increasing the level of user security when accessing the Internet, since basic attacks will be directed specifically at the proxy server and it will reflect them;

– gaining access to information that is available only in a certain location;

– getting faster access to some resources on the Internet;

– gaining access to sites that are blocked.

All of the above becomes possible due to the fact that the proxy server replaces the real IP address, which leads to traffic passing through an additional server, which may contain cached data or additional mechanisms are organized to protect this data.

Using a proxy server, you can do the following:

– filter available resources – this can help company executives restrict employees’ access to social networks during the working day, or parents in restricting children from using third-party Internet resources when doing homework;

– ensuring faster Internet operation;

– data compression, which can be useful for people who use the Internet with limited traffic;

– ensuring complete confidentiality, which can be useful to both individuals and companies;

– ensuring security against unauthorized attacks by viruses and other harmful Internet resources;

– gaining access to sites for the use of which territorial restrictions are established. Using a proxy server, you can access sites that are blocked in certain regions or countries.

How to buy a proxy?

To place an order, you must enter the following data in a special form:

  • country;
  • desired number of proxies;
  • validity;
  • post office;
  • the purpose of using the proxy.

After that, all that remains is to pay for the order. A couple of minutes after completing the application, a proxy, port will come to the specified mail, the authorization method will be prescribed, according to the choice of the user himself.

On the provider’s website, the user is given the opportunity to buy relatively inexpensive private proxies. The quality of the goods is always high, it is carefully monitored by the developers of the portal.
Users who purchase proxies here are guaranteed to be protected from any unreasonable extra charges. As for the high quality, you can be sure that the provided ip-addresses will not suddenly “fall”.

The speed of operation will be as stable as possible and always high. The creators of this portal perfectly understand how important protection, overall speed, and privacy are in the implementation of work. That is why the pricing policy is built with maximum availability for any user. Everyone gets volume discounts and a fairly long rental period.

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