Questions to ask a Jersey City personal injury lawyer

It is no secret that personal injury cases are inherently complex. Numerous aspects can influence what you get in a settlement. In case of car accidents, there are only limited circumstances when the victim can file a direct civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. Cases involving medical malpractice and premise liability are often hard to prove. In short, you cannot expect to get a fair settlement from the at-fault party without legal representation. If you are hiring a Jersey City personal injury lawyer for the first time, here are some questions to ask. 

“Have you worked on similar cases?”

People often don’t realize that personal injury law has a huge scope. It covers everything from dog bites and car accidents to medical malpractice and even nursing home abuse. It would be best if you had an attorney who has relevant experience. For instance, a lawyer may have experience winning many medical malpractice cases, but they may not have the same level of expertise for handling an auto accident lawsuit. Relevant experience is an aspect worth considering over everything else. 

“Will you work on a contingency fee? What are the expected costs of the case?”

Most personal injury lawyers in NJ work on a contingency fee. This kind of arrangement is extremely different from the standard hourly rate that criminal and family lawyers charge. If the lawyer takes a contingency fee, they get a fixed pre-decided part of your final recovery. However, that fee is only payable when you win. Ask the attorney about their fee and other expenses that you need to pay for the work. If the lawyer is sure of the case, they can help you with immediate expenses until you get paid. 

“What do you think of my case? How quickly can I expect a settlement?”

It is okay to feel impatient after sustaining injuries in an accident, but most personal injury cases take time. It is wise to have realistic expectations from the case from day one. A good lawyer is someone who will offer a free review of your case and share the possible outcomes. For instance, the lawyer may advise going for a settlement at some point, especially if a trial is unlikely to be more beneficial. They can also share what you can get in compensation, although no lawyer can ever promise or guarantee an outcome for any personal injury cases. 

Get an attorney now in Jersey City for your injury case.

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