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Due to the high demand of people building new building structures, this has seen the technology being used to invent sophisticated gun to apply paint on the surfaces. Subsequently, many guns have been put into the market so that people can access them with their various prices attached respectively. The below article focuses on the prices of these spraying guns.You will notice that the example given below in the article have fitting features that every user would enjoy if would like to do type of painting. These spraying gins are found I have various shopping sites I Kenya and one can get one easily.

spraying gun in use


Spray painting is painting method that a gadget sprays coating materialthrough a medium of air then unto the surface being sprayed.

3 Spray Patternsand 4 Nozzle Sizes

This Paint sprayer is adjusted to make different patterns and they are three of them; horizontal, vertical, circular. The machine is also equipped with 4 size nozzle (1.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm) to suit different painting projects such as; fences, cars, furniture, interior and exteriorwalls, garden tables, garage doors and chairs and many others.

Perfect User Experience Design

The other thing about it is the unique Detachable design. The paint output is usually monitored by making some adjustments on the knob in control of the flow so as to getvarious paint output. Additionally, the 6.5ft power cordis longenoughto enable you to move with no strain within a larger work surface.

High-Quality Materials

The other feature is that by makinguse of copper nozzles can help the gun  withstand more  pressure better than other nozzles,plastic and is less likely to get clogged . It alsobrings about uniformity when spraying surfaces and makes it more concentrated.On top of that, onecan also make use double insulation material, and thus no need to worry about the safety of the gadget operation.

Powerful Upgrade Advantage

After the review of paint spray gun price in Kenya you willrealizethat this gadget has also rear foam pad that helps the gun prevent backward flow of paint which may block the nozzle; this ensures that the painting is uniform. It also resists moisture and dust thus ensuring a longer life span forthe gadget.

What you can get.

Paint Sprayer, 4X Size Nozzles (1.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm), 1X Viscosity Measuring can ,aCleaningNozzle , a Cleaning Brush, User Manual and 1X 1200 ml Paint Container.

Safety measures

Personal protective equipment-one should ensure that PPE are use when operating the machine.

Health monitoring-after using the spraying gun you should ensure youcheck your health track record at least once per year.

Proper record keeping – you should make sure every time you have operated this gadget you have detailed records for future reference.

Proper storage – after using it, it should be stored well to avoid failing to perform or breakdown.

Clean it after every activity.


The paint spray gun price in Kenya in quite affordable. Always ensure you do a proper market search before making any purchase to ensure you only purchase quality product and the least price

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