Remodel Your RV with these 7 Makeover Ideas

A lot more people are looking to travel in the comfort of their homes. This has seen the ownership and renting of RVs grow significantly in the past year or so. Despite this, most RVs still have the traditional classic look that might not appeal to everyone. Below we highlight seven RV makeover ideas if you want to give your RV a modern personal touch or a different look.

1. Paint

The colour greatly influences the aesthetics of any space or room, and the same goes for the RV. Painting your RV is no small feat, but it will go a long way in making your RV feel welcoming, cosy, and spacious.  You can paint the walls, cabinets, shelves and even the ceiling. This alone is guaranteed to transform your RV completely. The choice of colours is up to you, whatever makes you comfortable.

2. Replace the flooring

The floor is another essential part of RV renovations. Most RVs are usually carpeted, but if you want to give it a more homely feel, you should consider replacing that with wood flooring. There are other flooring types available, so you can choose what will give your RV that personal feel.

3. Add a Backsplash

The kitchen is one of the places that you will spend more time in, and you would want it to look superb. Adding a backsplash on the kitchen walls will improve its general aesthetic. It is also reasonably easy to add. You can peel and stick the tile backsplashes. They are cheap, easy to install and don’t easily peel off.

4. Replace the Furniture

If you have an old RV, the chances are that it still has the old furniture you bought it with. For your RV renovations, you will need to have a furniture makeover. Replace those old, worn-out sofas with new and modern ones. This will give your RV a modern and fresh feel.

5. Add Decorations

Decorations might look like a minor addition, but they improve the look and feel of space. Sticker decorations are ideal for RV as you will not have to worry about them falling during travelling. They will also improve the look of your RV.

6. Add Curtains

Most RVs come with valances. They are not entirely bad and are also easier to pull up. But to make it truly a home on wheels, you should consider replacing valances with curtains. Curtains, especially in the bedroom, make it darker and cosy. They also allow you to give a personal touch to the windows.

7. Get Rid of Wallpaper Border

The wallpaper border, standard in older RV models, is outdated. To update the interior of your RV, you need to get rid of all of the wallpaper borders. This is the easiest of all the RV renovations we have given.


RV is the present and future of cosy travelling. If you plan to get yourself one either for personal use or to rent out, giving it a remodelling will surely make it more of a home than an RV. Hopefully, the tips above will help you give your RV that remodelling and personal feel that you so much desire.

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