Rosewater Shampoo: How Does It Benefit Your Hair?

To some people, maintaining a good hair care regimen is luxurious. For them, an effective hair care arsenal includes buying and using products with hard-to-obtain and well-tested ingredients. Not only that, but you also have to pay the price for these famous and overpriced haircare brands. Yet, you don’t have to spend lavishly on mainstream hair care items. In reality, you can choose hair growth shampoos and conditioners with deluxe ingredients, such as rosewater, without the need to spend many bucks.

What is rosewater, and how does this shampoo ingredient benefit your hair? Get to know why rosewater shampoo is the best hair growth shampoo for women.

The Benefits of Rosewater Shampoo: How Does Rosewater Indulge Your Hair and Scalp?

Roses are not just for bouquets and surprises. As a matter of fact, rose petals are steeped and distilled to produce rose water, a substance prevalent for its sweet fragrance. Moreover, it is also said to improve your skin and hair condition. To get you convinced in using rosewater shampoo, learn the five reasons why rose water is one of the best and superior ingredients for every hair growth shampoo.

1. It can protect your hair against internal damage.

Many cosmetic brands highly prioritize antioxidant-enriched ingredients. As a result, rose petals and rosewater are sought-after components for they are rich in various antioxidants, such as anthocyanin. This particular antioxidant has phenolic compounds that can inhibit oxidative activity. Rosewater also has flavonoids that can stimulate hair follicle growth.

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2. It helps cleanse your hair and scalp.

Rosewater has become an in-demand ingredient of most skincare brands because of its astringent properties. This quality is also why rose water makes an effective ingredient for hair growth shampoos, for it can cleanse away all the gunk and oil present on your scalp.

3. It removes your hair’s nasty smell.

Leaving your head sweaty and dirty for a long time can cause your hair and scalp to smell. Worry no more, for you don’t have to spritz some hair perfume just to get rid of the unwanted odor. Remember that rosewater is a natural fragrance, and cleansing your hair with rosewater shampoo is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to remove all the residue and sebum while making your hair smell fresh and clean simultaneously.

4. Its pH level is healthy for your hair strands.

A product’s pH level also determines its safety when applied to your hair. If it’s below 6.0, the substance is acidic enough to shrink your hair cuticles, making your hair strands thinner. To prevent hair thinning, you may use rosewater, an ingredient with a pH level similar to your hair strands. It can also repair your hair, making it less porous against some harmful hair care products. Therefore, rosewater is the perfect ingredient for women with sensitive scalp or brittle hair strands.

5. It helps encourage healthy hair growth.

Most ingredients would focus on moisturizing and softening the hair strands but don’t have enough nutrients to support hair growth. Rosewater is also packed with hair vitamins, such as A, B3, C, and E, stimulating healthy hair growth. Vitamin C also has antioxidant qualities that keep free radicals at bay.

Bring Your Hair Care Arsenal to the Next Level.

A hair care regimen doesn’t mean spending too much on hair care products and hair treatments; it could also mean choosing and using hair products made with the best yet the most effective and safest ingredients. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your hair care to the next level by washing your hair with rosewater shampoo.

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