Six Reasons Why People Like Non-Pressurized Solar Heater

Currently, the international situation of energy is worrying and the adverse climate change threatens individual’s health and economic development. For this reason, the solar heaters’ emergence is an outstanding invention for individuals. This implies that people have taken advantage of the increased climate warming to warm water through solar heaters.

Since the water tank and vacuum collector are sealed ttactics using a rubber ring, this solar water heater cannot withstand high pressure. It usually uses the water shutdown (non-pressure) besides being long lasting and highly efficient. Its gravity system entails a glass tube vacuum collector, stand parts, and storage tank. Below are the features of this kind of solar water heater:


Because there is no surety of the long-term use of this solar water heater, it has a limited comprehensive warranty; 3 years on the entire system, 10 years on the tubes (evacuated), and one year on the elements of electrical heating. For additional warranty details, read the manual carefully in the warranty section.

Construction Materials

The non pressurized solar water heater is constructed using high quality and durable materials to last long. They are; glass, borosilicate 3.3 (evacuated tubes), aluminum coating (absorber), aluminum alloy/1.5mm galvanized steel, SUS201 fasteners (mounting frame). Confirm from the manual for additional information on this.

Easy Maintenance

Since maintenance is the most expensive part for any solar water heater, this heater is of exception. It only requires low maintenance operations such as cleaning the dust from it regularly and occasional repairs. In caseit fails to work accordingly, consult a relevant technician at an appropriate time.


There are various kinds of this solar water heater and their prices vary depending on their water carrying capacity; 150L, 200L, 240L, 300L, and 360L. The cheapest one is that of 150L and its efficiency and power output is the same as the rest. Therefore, this solar water heater covers all customers; high-income and low-income earners.

Mode of Application

Since this solar water heater entails a water tank (open), it contains holes at the water tank top and the drainage of the outgoing water is through gravity, therefore the tank should be put at the top of the roof. The manual contains information in how to place the water tank accurately and properly on the rooftop, therefore its application should not worry any buyer.

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The solar water heater can be placed anywhere provided that it s on the roof because it is portable. Portability is a significant feature that every device should have as this reduces some unnecessary costs. For further details on the portability of this solar water heater, go through its manual to acknowledge how to handle it appropriately.


This solar water heater has many more advantages than disadvantages as illustrated above. Individuals looking for the best performing solar water heater (non-pressurized) should strictly adhere to this article. Information that has been discussed above is factual, therefore apply them while purchasing your desired solar water heater.

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