Six Tips to Prepare Your HOA-Led Community for Disasters

HOA-led communities will never want to be plagued with a disaster. Unfortunately, disasters can occur and you must prepare your members. To be widely ready for disasters, you should go beyond giving residents general precautions. Phoenix hoa management companies can work with your board to make sure your community is ready for any man-made or natural disaster that might strike. Here are steps you can take:

Coordinate with Your HOA Management Team

Your HOA board may have already thought of disaster plans, it must present them to its management partner before letting the community members know about it. This allows the board to set expectations and processes with the team before a disaster. This way, they can quickly share information with owners if a disaster comes your way. 

Concentrate on Possible Disasters

As a board member, you should value the time you have. Thus, when you think about disaster plans, you should prioritize geographically possible disasters. This will allow your community to be ready to protect itself when a disaster is expected to occur. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

Shared community buildings must be maintained regularly. Proper maintenance allows your HOA to proactively prepare for disasters or accidents that can happen because of improper maintenance. Keeping up with maintenance allows members of the community to stay safe and let your board avoid significant liability risks. 

Get the Contact Information of Your Members

Your board members and HOA manager should have the contact information for every family living in your community. You can request homeowner information forms at the time of closing; however, they may be returned not filled. Thus, make sure you check contact information once every year and establish a plan to fill in the gaps. This allows you to reach the biggest number of residents when an emergency arises. 

Revisit your Emergency Response Plan

After you have established a disaster protocol, meet with community members in a formal meeting to present your disaster plans. When you host a meeting, your board can make sure it has addressed all issues your residents may have regarding safety during a disaster. 

Make Your Plan Available Online

Ensure your disaster plan is available round-the-clock. Ensure your community website or social media channels contain the information to make sure the members of your HOA can access any changes or updates. 

As a responsible board member, you must not allow any type of disaster to take your HOA by surprise. Allow a reputable management team to help your community prepare for possible disasters and damages. 

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