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The skin wall is a protective barrier against external hazards. if sensitive skin indicates that the skin wall is weak The selection of cosmetic products is also very important. especially facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า Because the skin wall has the main function of preventing the skin from being damaged by external conditions from entering the inside of the skin as well. The structure of the stratum corneum was compared to the Bricks and Mortar Skin model, with each corneocyte comparable to a brick. Connected by calcium or fat (Lipids) that the body excretes outside the cells. (Extracellular spaces) come together to form a solid bond. And strengthens the skin by preventing moisture loss while protecting against harmful external irritants.

If the skin barrier is strong and undisturbed, your skin will be healthy. firm, look healthy No foreign matter enters the skin. But whenever the wall starts to decay Mortar begins to wear out, the brick will begin to separate. Not as strong as a sheet of wings as usual May cause irritants to enter our skin. As a result, the skin wall becomes unbalanced, causing redness, inflammation, itching, cracked skin, and peeling is not difficult. Even ordinary water that seemed innocuous It can cause the skin to lose balance as well.

Many people are probably starting to wonder, right? Then Dr. Jackie will come to a simple summary of what is causing the skin barrier disruption.

  1. Exposure to alkaline substances Because it will wash away the grease that coats the surface, resulting in dry skin and decayed surface walls, the higher the alkaline value, such as toilet cleaner. Laundry detergent is more damaging to the skin barrier than less alkaline substances such as soap and shampoo.
  2. Exposure to highly acidic substances such as lemons, some chemicals
  3. Exposure to substances containing lactose intolerance such as facial toner This will make it easier for water to evaporate from your skin.
  4. Frequent hand washing, even if it’s just washing your hands with plain water. But it is classified as a mild irritant. washing hands more often The skin became even more dry. which contradicts the feelings of many people

skin in equilibrium will have a weak acidic condition with a pH value close to 5, but if the skin is exposed to substances that are highly alkaline Even a single exposure to that substance can cause dermatitis. or if your skin comes in contact with a weaker substance such as dishwashing liquid, plain water. It can cause dermatitis as well.

Risk group

It is often found on the hands of housewives, young mothers, brave butlers who are exposed to various irritants and people who are too attached to cleanliness. make frequent hand washing Even if washed with plain water It will cause dry skin, redness, peeling, cracking and subsequent inflamed skin. as well

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier

  1. Avoid contact with irritants. or touch as little as possible may use protective equipment not in direct contact with those substances such as wearing gloves
  2. Avoid washing your hands. Or clean the skin often, especially using soap that is alkaline with then. It’s even easier to destroy the skin barrier than washing your hands with plain water. Which is recommended to use soap or facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า that has an acidic value. as close to the skin as possible (PH 5) because it will cause the skin to lose its balance, not much
  3. Apply a layer of moisturizing product. (Moisturizer) after cleansing the skin within 3 minutes to prevent trans epidermal water loss.


long hot baths Will it cause the skin to lose its balance?


I can lose balance. long hot baths or regularly It can result in dry, itchy skin and skin inflammation.

How to clean your face thoroughly

I believe that many people, whether it’s a woman or a man. They all desire to have clean, clear, acne-free skin to increase their confidence in living and socializing. Therefore, spent both time and a small amount of money. in recruiting methods come to clean the face including expensive skin cleansing products scrub brush electric facial cleansing device shared through many reviews online

In conclusion, if we understand the story according to the correct principles We will have clear, healthy skin is not difficult. with a cost that is not too high than necessary


  • Use soap with a pH of about 5
  • If you put on make-up or make sunscreen. Always use makeup remover wipes before washing your face.
  • Avoid places or hours of intense sunlight.
  • Apply sunscreen with a thickness of 2 mg/cm².
  • In the case of water sports Choose a sunscreen that is waterproof as well.
  • Wash your face with makeup remover products first. Gently wash your face as usual. Because if you can’t wash off the sunscreen can cause acne


  • Scrub your face with a scrub. or facial brush
  • Apply sunscreen in people with oily skin and acne prone skin. Since sunscreen can cause clogged skin, acne, should choose a sunscreen that says. Does not clog pores and cause breakouts. Non-comedogenic, such as oil-free or silicone-free sunscreens.
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