Solitaire – What Kids Can Learn From Playing

How do you keep your kids engaged? Games are a gem; whether it is passing the time over the weekend, spicing up a sleepover, among other moments, they are an ideal addition. The best part is that, with tech advancement, you can make the games more engaging by opting for the online option.

The online world is loaded with exciting games that can keep your kids entertained for an extended period. However, it helps if you weigh the contributions that improve your kid’s faculties while choosing an ideal option. Among the top options that have proven to be a great addition is the kid’s solitaire game.

Kid’s solitaire game has been a go-to for many over the years. With real card games, motor skills development as kids shuffle has been a significant highlight. However, with the online solitaire game, kids have a lot to benefit from the games. Here are some of the things kids learn from playing solitaire games.

Losing is a learning curve

Winning is a lot more fun, but losing is a part of the kid’s solitaire game. It is not the end, though; it means that you have to re-deal and start again. Such a skill doesn’t end at the games but provides a valuable lesson that kids can use in their lives. Failure isn’t the end of the road, rather a learning chance. From the losing point, a kid can learn what they need to change to win more. With patience and persistence, they’ll win more, delivering a valuable life lesson.

Take a moment

Obvious moves aren’t always the best. That inviting move could make the game more challenging. As kids learn the ropes, they’ll establish such a trend. As such, before making a move, they’ll stop a moment and think ahead. Much like in the kid’s solitaire game, life also is filled with such situations. This means that as they grow, they’ll not only be patient but also consider the bigger image before making a decision. Making decisions in real life is more complex, and the game provides an easy platform to develop incredible skills to facilitate better progress.

Value of delayed gratification

Taking a moment, making a move, and thinking three steps ahead also teach the value of gratification. Delay isn’t necessarily bad. You can take a minute, pass a move, and enjoy better progress. If forgoing that inviting king move will increase chances of a win, it is the best move. It means that you are more likely to win the game. Such delayed gratification impacts life in more ways than you might initially anticipate. Developing such values in kids is more manageable with the solitaire game, as it is a practice platform for what comes in life.

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It is never easy

One loss doesn’t mean you’ll lose the next game, and neither does winning. Keep playing, and eventually, you’ll win. However, even on a winning streak, you can still lose. Still, even after intelligently playing, things won’t always go as planned. Regards of how careful you are, you might fail to win a game after the next.

That’s life; it is never straightforward. Losing a few doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win next. The trick is to keep going no matter what comes next.  Kid’s solitaire game teaches them that even their best might not be good enough, but it doesn’t mean it is the end. Re-deal, keep playing. In life, dust yourself, and keep going; it is a valuable lesson learned by exposing kids to solitaire games.

Winning isn’t the end

Winning is exciting, but that’s not all. You can do better; win with fewer moves, score better, spice it up a little. Beating the high score delivers an even better feeling. In life, that’s the case. Even when you feel you are doing well, you realize that it can get better. You’ve not done it all; there’s something more exciting than what you just achieved. Teaching such a value to kids is easier through solitaire games as they can keep playing despite enjoying a winning streak, aiming to break their record.

Picking an ideal game for your kids is a lot easier as the online pool boasting of numerous options. Solitaire games are a go-to for many parents as they look to sharpen their kids’ cognitive skills. Memorizing the numbers, matching the patterns, among other activities involved in solitaire games, helps in such quests. As the difficulty advances, kid’s math concepts also improve. However, those are not the only benefits the kids realize. There are many more benefits realized through the numerous transferable lessons in real life, as highlighted above.

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