Sport tourism in Turkey: What to do?

Whether you want to descend a river by boat, sail over archaeological remains, climb mountains or explore the countryside on horseback, Turkey offers great opportunities for both kayaking and skiing enthusiasts.

You can enjoy a variety of sporting activities. Here are just a few:

##Walking and hiking

Hiking is an important activity in the country. Turkey is fortunate to have many mountains, from the Taurus Mountains in the southwest to the Kaçkar Mountains in the northeast, and they all offer great hiking.

In terms of hiking, the options vary between multi-day outings, which include, on the one hand, the country’s highest peak, Mount Ararat, and the songsindia search for the supposed site where Noah’s ark ran aground.

##Day trips

Cappadocia is unsurpassed for half or full-day excursions. In addition, it has a dozen easily walkable valleys around Göreme and the Ihlara Valley.

These hikes, ranging from one to several hours in news hunt length, with gentle inclines, are ideal for casual hikers and families. The fairy chimneys are unforgettable, and walking is the best way to justice to the scenery.

##Long-distance trails

Cultural Routes in Turkey maintain two marked historical routes, the Lycian Route and the St. Paul’s Way. Let’s learn a little more about them.

###The Lycian Route

Selected as one of the 10 best walking tours in the world, the Lycian Route covers 509 km between Fethiye and Antalya, part inland and part along the telesup coastline of ancient Lycia. It passes through Patara, Kalkan, Kaş, Finike, Olympos, and Tekirova.

You will see breathtaking views of the coast, pine and cedar forests, quiet villages, ruins of ancient cities, Olympos Mountain, and the Baba Dağ.

###St. Paul’s Way

Another destination is St. Paul’s Way. This road follows the route traced by the saint during his first missionary journey to Asia Minor. It is rougher than the onlinebahisforum Lycian Route and passes through canyons, waterfalls, forests, a medieval road, a Roman bath, an aqueduct, and many picturesque villages.

##Mountain circuits

Turkey also allows interesting mountain tours. For example, Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in Turkey; the majestic Ararat, 5137 m high, next to the Armenian border, is one of the best peaks in the region. In addition, the Kaçkar Mountains offer lakes, forests, and varied fauna. Finally, Cappadocia offers suitable mountain tours, including Mount Hasan, 3268 m, and the Taurus, in the Ala Dağlar National Park.

##Scuba diving

Relaxing on a white sandy beach is most tempting, but there are many more things to do in the sea.

There are many reefs and coves in Turkey. The waters are usually calm, with no tides or currents, and there is average visibility of 20 meters.

Pelagic species are scarce, but reef species abound. Here, one can come across groupers, dentex, moray eels, sea bream, octopus, parrot fish, occasionally, amberjack, barracuda, and rays.

It is not necessary to be an expert diver; there are sites for all skill levels. However, for the more experienced divers, there are fantastic expanses of red coral.


It is a mixture of climbing, hiking, rappelling, swimming, and jumping in waterfalls, river gorges, and natural pools.

Canyoning adventure centers provide suits, helmets, and harnesses, and all outings are with a qualified instructor. The 18-km-long Saklıkent Gorge, southeast of Fethiye, offers jumping into natural pools, swimming through gorges, climbing, and waterfall rappelling.

This sport is not very common to find in a single destination, so we recommend you try it on your trip.

You can find even more sports in this beautiful country; you just need to plan and look for what you want to do during your trip.

##Other information about Turkey tourism

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