Step And Repeat Banners – What Not To Do To Make A Clear-Cut Result

After giving it quite some thought, you have finally decided to go for the step and repeat banner. Most companies, whether big or small, are looking forward to designing their step and repeat banners well because their logos are more prominent with picture-perfect designs. As most people want to stand in front of such a backdrop to get their display pictures taken, you can expect the logo or name of your company to be on their DP for a long time. Some people will keep that same picture as DP for months. So, you are getting free promotions for months! 

Now, just like the steps to follow while designing a step and repeat banner, there are some points that you must avoid. People, who are unaware of these points, will end up making mistakes, which in turn will ruin the value of their banners. So, for a change, let’s check out the points that you should NOT follow while designing the step and repeat banner for the first time!

Do not cheap out!

You are about to make such banners one-time only. So, always aim for quality material, preferably fabric, for these big banners. Do not go for the cheap materials, which won’t stand a chance in harsh weather conditions. Remember that the fabric you choose must withstand daily weather pressure, no matter how cold or hot it is outside.  

  • Moreover, you have to transport the banner from one event to another. So, durability is of prime importance, mainly if you are hosting the event outdoor.
  • On the other hand, you have to consider the ease of assembly and stand’s quality too, which have to deal with the weather pressure too.
  • You will never want your banner to fall down and hurt somebody. So, make sure to stick the stand well into the ground and test the movement of the banner first.

Do not be afraid to show your creative side:

It is hard to find something wrong with a standard step and repeat banner. But, if the banner is not creative, then your brand won’t pop out in the crowd. So, try to add that little dose of creativity while designing your banner. If you do have the power to showcase your creative side, don’t be afraid to do so. In the end, you will get the best banner with perfect logo prints on top, which will help you to get a better brand following.

Don’t always aim for the glossy texture:

People generally have this misconception to make all step and repeat banners glossy. Well, sometimes, glossy banners will reflect more light than what is needed, and that will ruin the entire picture. A ruined picture won’t make it a display picture! So, trying to aim for the matte finish is a good call during such instances. 

Be sure to focus on these points, and you will end up with the best banner of all time. Make a checklist of all the points to follow and what you should avoid.

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