Strike Right – Be The King of Carrom

Do you remember the intense carrom matches that went on with your family and friends on warm summer evenings? Things got competitive and there was always a commotion around the carrom board. The cold lemonades or cold drinks and yummy snacks being passed around while playing. Carrom has been embedded in our minds not only as a game but an integral part of our childhood. Now maybe you drifted apart and couldn’t see your loved ones like you used to but the one constant that can get the band back together any day is carrom!

Play Carrom with your friends and family and Gamezy

You can now connect through his brilliant game no matter where you are. Just download Gamezy and sign up to enjoy a game with your friends. Play carrom game online at Gamezy and win truly exciting rewards. Besides, isn’t a healthy competition more fun when the stakes are decided by you? You can add cash to your wallet and start the fun times! In case you are rusty and need a little practice before demolishing your opponents, Gamezy also has the option to start by taking a couple of trials to polish your skills. Find the little icon on the top right corner of your screen to see how to play carrom online. Get enough practice before you enter the field and get crowned the King of Carrom.

Carrom and how to master it

Carrom is a game that is truly about all the practice you put in. The angle and speed are the keys to winning a game and the control you have over both of them is an indication of how well you can play. For cut shots, you need more force and you can learn these on a trial and error basis. For beginners, it is recommended to first master the control over your shot and go for straight shots instead of the tricky ones. Once you have an idea of how to manipulate the board in your favor you can move on to the advanced tricks.

Advantages of playing carrom online

Playing carrom on an actual board can be challenging as it’s difficult to shoot and not move anything on the board. However, playing carrom online eliminates that discomfort and allows you to enjoy it freely! Keeping a big carrom board along with the accessories and maintaining it can be a task. Carrom board only works well if the wood is smooth and has no bumps. You don’t have to go through the trouble now that you can play carrom online! This game has a hazy past and unlike most sports, there are no written rules. Every time you sit down to play, there is always someone who bends the rules to their advantage! Well, not anymore. The rules and regulations are all laid down by Gamezy and there is no scope of an argument. Don’t let your friends fool you again!

Get, set, and strike just right to win!

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