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Successful Ways to Generate Warm Leads on the Internet

If you want to generate new leads this year, the good news is that you have lots of options. The bad news is that some people feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. Don’t worry, you’ll find some of the best in this guide!

Run a Webinar

Firstly, this might seem scary at first, but a webinar is a great way to excite your audience. If you’re to succeed, one of the most important things is the topic. Often, people choose the wrong topic for their webinars and then assume that webinars don’t work. In reality, they would have enjoyed better results with a slightly different theme.

Think about the content that people engage with on your blog and transform one of the hottest topics into a webinar. Why choose a webinar?

  • Show your knowledge to the audience
  • Interact with customers
  • Generate excitement on social media
  • Cheap investment (more time than money!)
  • Generate leads

Team Up with Influencers

Canada’s best lead generation agency will tell you that influencer marketing is another powerful route in 2022. So long as you choose the right influencer with an audience that matches your own, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to connect and engage. This is an advantageous strategy because you reach out to a ready-made audience with content from a person that they already trust.

After the pandemic, people feel even closer to their favorite influencers, so you can utilize this with influencer marketing. Allow the influencer freedom to produce great content, share your connection on social media, and feel free to repurpose content in the weeks after for those who may have missed the initial post.

Request Customer Referrals

If you want warm leads, why not tap into your existing audience? In all likelihood, they know somebody like themselves that will benefit from your products. As a basic example, let’s say that you sell baseball accessories. Your customers could be part of a baseball team, and this means at least a dozen other baseball players that may buy accessories from you.

How do you encourage customer referrals? Isn’t it cheeky to ask customers to refer people to your brand? Normally, happy customers can’t wait for an opportunity to talk about their favorite brands. So long as you offer a pleasant experience and high-quality products, you can utilize this tactic.

If you ask people to refer your service and nothing much happens, entice them with an incentive. With a referral program, you can reward both existing and new customers.

Review Your Analytics (and Use Social Listening)

Often, businesses ask how they’re supposed to know what customers want. In reality, the answers are typically available in your analytics and through social listening. Review your analytics and use social listening to identify trends. In many ways, marketing is about anticipating where customers will go next. With these techniques, you anticipate the movements of your audience and position the business correctly to take advantage of the trends.

Quick-Fire Tips

To finish, here are some quick-fire tips that you can use to generate more warm leads on the internet this year:

  • Use contact forms on your landing pages
  • Use urgent and emotional language on ads and other content
  • Offer something for free (whitepaper, eBook, or even free shipping on an order)
  • Build rapport with people on LinkedIn
  • Train your sales team

With this last tip, you make the most of more leads rather than squandering opportunities. Why generate more leads when you can make better use of the ones you already get?

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