Technical SEO: How to Keep Up with Google Page Experience Update

Google’s algorithms change all the time. The strategies that worked before are no longer relevant since they don’t match what Google wants. It’s even more challenging with the Google Page Experience update. This announcement tells that all websites must meet the standards to continue ranking high. Otherwise, Google can push them below the rankings. You must also understand new technical SEO rules to survive this challenge. Here are some tips to help you with the updates.

Boost loading speed 

You can’t have a website with a slow loading speed. It will harm your chances of moving up the rankings. Make sure you remove unnecessary elements that slow things down. If animations, graphics, or videos have nothing to do with what you’re selling, take them down. Remove background audio since no one wants to listen to it. Most people browsing information online are probably listening to their selected songs. You run the risk of losing people if your website is too slow. Limit the images and try to compress them. Clear your caches and improve the text file. The average waiting time for a website to load is only three seconds. If it goes beyond that limit, most people will leave the page and find another option. You will waste an opportunity to win them over. 

Make the website more interactive

Another strategy is to create a more interactive website. There should be polls, quizzes, comment sections, and other engaging activities. In doing so, visitors have a reason to stay. Strong engagements will also create a positive first impression, and it’s what you’re aiming for. 

Reklama internete – tai procesas, kurio metu siekiama pasiekti ir sudominti tikslinę prekės ar paslaugos auditoriją, naudojant specialias technikas ir įrankius pačioje populiariausioje žmonių susirinkimo vietoje – internete.

Optimize for mobile use 

Google made it clear that companies should improve websites for mobile device users. Since more people pursue transactions using these devices, it’s imperative to have a responsive website. Otherwise, these people will feel turned off and decide to look for other choices. Imagine if you open the website on your phone, and the pictures are all over the place. The text is almost invisible, and you don’t know where to click since everything is messy. Find a way to optimize for the mobile device if you don’t want to be behind the game. Google already indicated that unresponsive websites wouldn’t rank as high as others. 

Upgrade your website host

You might have to reconsider your current web host if it doesn’t match the standards. You need an upgrade to guarantee your rank. Ask for advice from experts on how to boost the website host. 

Fix broken links

You can’t have these broken links associated with your website. Google penalizes websites with broken links and harms your chances of ranking high. Make sure you remove them immediately or create content that goes into that link. Avoid redirecting users to different pages too. It’s not ideal for them. Visitors want to find specific information upon visiting the website. Again, people are usually busy and have no time to keep looking. 

Ask for help from technical SEO experts

You can’t survive these changes if you don’t act now. The key to SEO success is responsiveness. Google is the boss, and companies should be willing to follow the standards. If you can’t change now, you will be behind the game. 

It’s even better if you work with technical SEO experts. Understanding the changes Google wants might be easy, but it’s not. You should know what it takes to do well with the algorithms. These SEO experts have been around for a long time. They understand the game and can help decide what will push your company to the top.

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