The advantages of a custom Gaming PC

Personalize your PC, assemble the components of a tower, want a custom computer , set up your configuration, a Gaming PC dedicated to games. These are choices that sometimes seem inappropriate, since there is already a plethora of products in stores. However, we will see that this makes it possible to obtain a PC adapted to its needs , its budget , and above all a quality machine and often at a lower price. A custom PC is often synonymous with better value for money and reliability. Current news about Counter-Strike, events, tournaments, updates.  

What are the motivations for creating a custom PC?

Are you looking for a Gaming PC that can not be found in stores? Always wanted to create your own computer? You can now do it yourself very easily and intuitively on our online desktop configurator. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of configuring your computer yourself. If you are still unsure of which choice to make, do not hesitate to contact our team for support.

Choose computer components according to your needs

First of all, let’s talk about an advantage that seems obvious but that it is always good to remember: a custom-made PC allows you to choose yourself the equipment that will equip your central unit. Indeed, a video game enthusiast looking for a gaming computer will not have the same needs as a person wishing to surf the Internet with a simple office PC , as will a professional image editing opting for a PC from graphic design , or even a person using it only as a multimedia computer.

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One will rather favor the power of the graphics card according to its requirements in terms of visual rendering and its gaming habits (several screens, 3D games, etc.), the other will potentially have an optional network card, the latter will privilege the power of a processor and multitasking. It will be necessary to choose its components according to their technical characteristics and according to its needs.

  • If you want a powerful PC , you necessarily need a more powerful power supply to be able to supply it with electricity.
  • If you want to do SLI or Crossfire , you need a motherboard that has enough slots and a case with enough space to accommodate two graphics cards.
  • If you love Blu-Ray and Full HD, have an optical drive that can read them
  • If you want 16 GB of RAM memory with 4 GB modules, you also need enough slots on the motherboard.
  • If you want USB 3.0, the motherboard must have it. You also need enough USB ports to connect all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, printers, USB keys, etc.) on a daily basis.
  • If you want to play the latest generation games, you need a powerful graphics card .
  • If you have a powerful processor or graphics card, you need proportionate cooling capacities, often via a dedicated cooler .

All these variables, all these possible combinations, mean that the ideal PC does not exist. This is the first quality of a custom Gaming PC konfigurator, being able to refine each component according to its needs, without having to ignore one or the other of them in order not to exceed your budget. This time, it’s the PC that adapts to the user, not the other way around.

Choosing a balanced computer

A computer is not equal to the sum of its parts: the cheapest and least efficient component will be the one that clamps the entire computer. Having a computer with the best processor and the best graphics card will be of no use if the power supply is not of sufficient power or of poor quality. Ditto for playing video games: if the graphics card is not powerful enough, the processor may be the best at the moment , the final quality will remain as average as the same graphics card with a less powerful processor. The reverse is also true, the processor must still be powerful enough to support the graphics card. These are just examples among many others, this remains true for all components.

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Computers sold in department stores or generalist sites often have this defect. The most efficient of the components will be put forward to give a false impression of performance while the rest of the components do not follow in terms of quality. A custom Gaming PC will not suffer from this defect and will be balanced.

Save money

Even if a PC necessarily follows an identical framework, the budget will have a decisive impact on the final choice of components. Defining your needs is important, but so is defining a budget. Having a sufficient budget makes it possible to buy well-made components with options that will provide greater comfort of use in the long term.

  1. Have a quiet computer if you have a sensitive ear
  2. That the inside of the case is sufficiently accessible for easy maintenance 
  3. That the fans cool the tower properly, for a better lifespan
  4. Have a front panel provided (USB at the front of the tower, a headphone jack to plug in your headphones, etc.)

If the budget is tight, it is therefore possible to ignore certain choices that are not essential for the user. This will allow you not to exceed your budget unnecessarily, but still be able to benefit from the advantages of a stationary PC (office automation, surfing the internet, work, power, etc).

  1. A graphics card when one is content with surfing and office automation, while the graphics chipset of the processor may be sufficient.
  2. If you never use a CD / DVD, no need to have an optical drive
  3. Why have a Wi-Fi card if your computer is directly connected to the Livebox by an Ethernet cable?
  4. Have an enclosure with 5 bays for hard drives and 3 for optical drives and rheobus when you do not need it

As you have seen, a personalized PC will allow you to refine the choice according to your budget. If this is sufficient, we can have fun with the options and the quality. If it is tighter, we will be able to go straight to the point. In addition, one of the advantages is not to pay for the “brand” of the large assemblers.

The choice of quality

Quality means: “The ability of a product or service to meet user needs at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible.” “. So, as you have seen, this is the case with a well-defined bespoke PC . If we take a closer look at the term quality, it is not to have a product that does not deserve its price, or the expectations that we have for it. What could be worse than coming home, unpacking your new toy, and feeling the disappointment come over us when we realize that the price is not deserved!.

With an à la carte PC , you know exactly what is in your tower. So, no surprises to be had, while in a pre-assembled PC, we do not always know the brands of the components. The choice of brands is indeed important, because this necessarily influences the durability of your computer. Not all brands are created equal, and choosing from a brand recognized by the community is a very useful preventive measure in the face of possible breakdowns.

Great scalability

Choosing to mount your PC, or to have it mounted, guarantees greater scalability! No need to invest completely in a new computer, it is possible to spread out your investments and modify only part of your computer.

For example, if you know that you love video games, you will have to opt for a motherboard with a PCI Express 3.0 port: it is more expensive, but more recent. You can then invest in a more advanced grafikkarten when the need arises after a few years. If you ever need more power, you will only change the power supply; if ever the computer lacks power, you can increase the RAM or change the processor.

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Another advantage is the possibility of starting with a small initial budget, even if it means evolving towards more expensive components when the budget is sufficient! In this case, you just need a motherboard with enough connections allowing you to evolve serenely.

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