The Benefits and Strategies of Participating in Industrial Auctions

Industrial auctions provide companies with an affordable way to expand their extrusion lines without spending too much on new machines, while simultaneously decreasing machine renewal needs and streamlining production processes.

Industrial Auctions has established itself as an online auction company renowned for its transparency, high service standards and personal approach. Since organising machinery auctions between businesses for years now.

Distance Sales Law

If you purchase at auction, your rights do not fall under the same distance selling laws that govern online shopping or other purchases made remotely. However, using a reliable auction platform should give an accurate overview of what items will be collected at each auction, ensuring you know what has been successfully bid on at each sale and that what has been successfully bid upon is what is actually delivered at each event.

Regulations do not permit individuals who have entered into contracts at public auctions and were bound by them as soon as the hammer fell to exercise a right to cancel, seemingly to prevent collusion in the market by eliminating opportunities for buyers communicating bidding information through actions within an auction mechanism. Yet tacit collusion may still occur via low-ball bids; one significant reason why sellers prefer auctions over private sales when disposing their assets.

Buyers’ Representation

Industrial auctions provide companies with a quick and cost-effective means of quickly and affordably acquiring equipment, while making their money back more quickly than purchasing from traditional distributors. Industrial auctions typically offer better pricing as well as greater quantities than these distributors can accommodate.

Industrial Auctions is responsible for organizing, preparing and carrying out auctions. Their judgment regarding what has occurred prior to, during, and post auction is final and binding.

By registering, the user acknowledges his or her familiarity with the special circumstances surrounding an online auction and agrees to limit his liability. This may involve factors beyond Industrial Auctions’ control such as downtime, interruptions, viruses, limited accessibility and lack of control for some features of their website such as downtime or interruptions; viruses; limited accessibility or limited functionality and so forth. Once granted access, he or she should behave responsibly by not causing damage either to Industrial Auctions itself or to other users including violating applicable legal provisions, particularly concerning their purchase agreement agreement terms.

Email Marketing

Auctioneers have numerous methods at their disposal when promoting industrial equipment sales. Two factors should inform their strategy – such as what type of equipment being offered for sale and the target buyer audience (forklifts may appeal more widely than, say, production machinery).

Email can be one of the most powerful means of advertising an industrial auction sale, but its use requires careful planning and ongoing monitoring. In particular, audiences tend to be wary of spammy emails sent without first understanding their preferences and could quickly become disengaged with companies who send too many.

Auctioneers can use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in addition to email to reach more of an audience online. While PPC can be expensive and time consuming, auctioneers can reduce overspending by creating and posting relevant blog posts targeting search terms and keywords that help rank higher on Google’s search results page and drive more visitors back to their websites.


Industrial auctions are an effective way to dispose of equipment no longer in use or source new production machinery, while at the same time resourcing production operations with additional resources. But selling at auction can be complex; therefore it is imperative that you find a trustworthy auction company.

By doing so, your sale will reach potential buyers while adhering to legal requirements during an auction, helping to prevent potential problems and maximize revenue.

Telemarketing can also be an effective means of promoting an industrial auction. By communicating directly with prospective buyers, this method allows you to understand their needs better so you can offer equipment which best meets them.

Traditional on-site auctions often necessitate buyers coming directly to your facility in order to inspect and bid on your equipment, which can be inconvenient for operating businesses and may interrupt normal operations.

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