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The Capital Of United Arab Emirate

In today’s article, we will talk about the beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates called Abu Dhabi city. This city superiority over other cities, this city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates also this is the largest emirate of UAE by area. When you visit here contact Rent A Car Abu Dhabithey will help you in providing the rental car service.

5 beautiful tourist places in the capital of united Arab Emirate. If you visit this city and did not see the below places, your tour is incomplete.

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is the largest mosque not only in the capital city but throughout Emirates. In this mosque, the world’s largest hand-craft carpet is laid which adds even more to the beauty of the mosque. One another beauty of this special mosque is it consists of the world’s largest mosque dome, 82 white domes this mosque has.

This mosque has a unique lightning system due to which the night view is quite alike a flashing star. The tomb of Sheikh Zayed is present beside the mosque.

This mosque is open for everyone, even for non-Muslims and there are no entry fees but keep in mind that there are strict rules about women’s dress it is mean that women must be completely covered during visits to this beautiful mosque.

  1. Yas Island

This is the place where you will enjoy more. On this island, you will find the racing circuit, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and especially the world’s fastest roller coaster also present here. If you are in search of shopping mall, on this Island there are a famous Mall by the name of Yas Mall where you can find all your necessary things.

This island is also a man-made. You can easily visit here by hiring a car from Rent A Car Abu Dhabi.

  1. Emirates palace

Emirates Palace is a place which is famous for the hospitality and also it is a 5-star hotel which consists of 394 rooms. This hotel offers a private beach and private marina to the guests. At night this hotel offers a lavish view and that is an amazing view.

When you visit here don’t forget the 24-carat gold leaf coffee which is the famous coffee of emirate palace hotel.

  1. Saadiyat island

You can visit this place through public transport or taxi but if you have your car or rental car that’s will great for you. This island is not man-made but natural. This island also contains beautiful beaches, hotels, and a great view of villas.

If you want to see the turtles the best choice for you is Saadiyat beach. If you are curious about golf you are at the right place because at Saadiyat Island there is a golf club and you can enjoy golf.

  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a modern museum. The exterior and interior look of this museum is crazy. The interesting fact about Louvre is it contains a web-patterned dome that filters the sunlight before allowing it inside the museum due to which people experience as a rain of the sunlight.

Apart from this, there are some famous art pieces in the Louvre museum-like monumental statue with two heads, (Kitab al manazir) Latin translation of the treatise on optics, Astrolabe, Ramses II Pharaoh of Egypt, Mari-cha lion, Salt cellar with Portuguese soldiers, and a caravel (ship), Young Emir Studying, Nautical treatise and much more art are present. As you can see this is a unique museum for international artwork. If you also wish to see this artwork visit this museum and Rent A Car Abu Dhabi. For more information click here jio rockers

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