The First Truly Decentralized Metaverse Project – A Proposal by LunaOne

When it comes to Web 3.0, LunaOne is one of the pioneers in the sector. LunaOne’s cutting-edge technology will soon be available to virtual world users.

Binance Smart Chain’s XLN token will serve as the backbone of the LunaOne ecosystem. In the future, LunaOne plans to create its own blockchain technology. The presale phase is already live, and early investors can purchase XLN on LunaOne’s website.

Readers will discover more about this breakthrough blockchain project in the following sections.

The Benefits of Leading a Decentralized Lifestyle

Anyone interested in purchasing LunaOne’s digital land and properties can do so. Based on the LunaOne home’s size, location, interior design options, and customization possibilities, the price of a property will change. Each asset is customizable, leveraging the famous uniqueness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Players need to own property in this metaverse to take part in quests, invite friends, and attend special events. No third-party services are required for LunaOne customers to attend concerts and seminars.

Are You Prepared for the Hyper-Realistic Experience?

The system collaborates with VR and AR companies to create consumer wearables. Customers must acquire these items to completely immerse themselves in the virtual worlds of their avatars and LunaOne.

LunaOne’s tracking technology lets you watch how a person’s facial expression changes with time. Users will be able to see and feel their body movements in a virtual world thanks to this new technology. Among others, items in the set include gloves, haptic gear, and tracking apparel.

Mainstream Accessible – An Essential Competitive Advantage

The LunaOne ecosystem is compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles. LunaOne will be fully compatible with virtual reality and gaming platforms such as SteamOS, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and Oculus Rift.

LunaOne may be made accessible for smartphones and tablets in the near future.

For most of today’s players, services like Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network are indispensable. LunaOne, more than any other platform, has the potential to have a profound impact on the metaverse. 

The Goal of Building an Elite Team

LunaOne’s exceptional staff includes previous workers from Fortune 500 companies. Due to LunaOne’s commitment to a decentralized society, only the most extraordinary individuals working in this field are hired.

Every day, LunaOne focuses on decentralization and long-term virtual society solutions. 

An Excellent Example of True Decentralization

LunaOne’s platform aims to promote decentralization. LunaOne’s governance token holders have voting rights in the DAO.

LunaOne is aware of the importance of communication in a metaverse. The project’s founders want to revolutionize communication by developing a decentralized network that can operate both online and offline.

The team decided to leverage a decentralized file storage system (commonly referred to as DFS). The same technology will allow LunaOne to connect and store data across the metaverse.

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