The Movies I Watched With My Grandfather

Since born, grandparents are in charge of guiding us, taking care of us, and teaching us from their own experience. Grandparents are like a true open book full of stories, anecdotes, and valuable memories that can change the perspective with which we see and face our lives.

Most grandparents teach us their hobbies; they teach us values that will accompany us throughout our lives.

My grandfather was a movie buff and it is one of the hobbies that he passed on to me. He often took me to the cinema near me to watch movies. He wanted to show me movies with which I could learn history and values while we shared time together. These are some of the films that my grandfather taught me, they are important movies that you have to see at least once in your life:

Citizen Kane (1941) 

It is surely the best film of all time. It speaks of ambition, corruption, and power, but also of loneliness and betrayal, of hurt feelings where the lack of love is the key to understanding the behavior of Charles Foster Kane.

Cuentos de Tokio (1953) 

Cuentos de Tokio is one of the films that is the most seeing movie with my grandparents since it is the portrait of a family. This film talks about the loneliness of the elderly and is a reflection on the selfishness and compassion that we find from those we can least expect.

Living is beautiful! (1946) 

This movie is wonderful! It teaches us that we are all connected, that we exist for a good reason, and that life has a meaning that is hidden and indecipherable, has a purpose that is not individual. That we are not alone even if we want to, and that everything happens for a reason.

Battleship Potemkin (1925) 

A film that teaches you what misapplied politics is and its consequences, the revolution. It narrates how the crew of the battleship Prince Potemkin of Taurida get tired of the humiliating and unfair treatment of the officers. The film was banned in Germany (during the Nazi regime), Great Britain, Spain (although the ban was lifted during the Second Republic), France, and other countries for its revolutionary content.

LAtalante (1934) 

This film teaches you many feelings such as love and heartbreak, anger, and jealousy. I also understood what social inequality was at that time. The film tells the story of a newlywed couple and the difficulties of marriage.

Singin’ in the Rain (1951) 

It’s one of my favorite movies and a classic movie. It talks about the cinema at the time of the 1920s in Los Angeles and it does it with overflowing love and joy through its music and songs. Hopefully, the day will come when we can enjoy these movies with our grandchildren and enjoy the wonderful time between grandparents and grandchildren again.

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