The Share market is on the edge of collapse again, with various initiatives to make it dynamic

The interest of the country’s people towards the stock market has suddenly declined since July last year. Because the market is falling again. However, the regulator has taken several new initiatives and good governance to keep the stock market regular and dynamic. In particular, it has been decided to hold ‘road shows’ abroad to bring expatriates and multinational companies to the market. The roadshow is scheduled for next Tuesday (February 9).
Meanwhile, BSEC has continued its efforts to establish good governance. As part of this, the latest initiative is eye-catching: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh (BSEC) has temporarily seized two BO (Beneficiary Owners) accounts for influencing the share price by buying at the highest price of the day before the start of the transaction. Also, a trader (authorized representative) in placing the purchase order on the transaction machine has been temporarily barred from trading activities. In this direction, BSEC will hold roadshows in different countries of the world to increase foreign and Bangladeshi expatriates’ investment in the stock market. As part of this, a four-day roadshow will be held in Dubai from next Tuesday (February 9). The roadshow will be held at the Skyview Hotel near the famous Dubai Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The roadshow, which started on Tuesday, will continue till Friday.

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However, investors are a little worried about the sudden decline in trading in the stock market. That is why the forehead of the regulatory body is also folded.
In this context, the researcher of Bangladesh Development Research Institute BIDS said. Zayed Bakht said, ‘Falling could lead to fear among investors. However, a fall also creates an opportunity for the rise.” In this regard, a Dhaka Stock Exchange director said that a section of large investors in the institutional and individual categories is waiting for new investment after picking up profits. When prices fall, they will start reinvesting. So there is nothing to concern about the market, he said

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