The stock market has turned around for six reasons

Despite the instability in regular times, the country’s stock market is in turmoil during the Corona period. The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) ‘s main price index has risen for the last nine consecutive weeks. With this, the transaction has also increased. Not only that, the market capitalization of DSE continues to grow due to the impact of rising indicators and transactions. Interest in this vital section of the economy is now growing in all spheres, public and private. After about ten years, many people see the potential in this market. In the meantime, new investments have started coming into the market.

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The pace of the stock market has increased further

According to the DSE data on Saturday (August 22), the main index of the Dhaka market DSEX has increased by 90.75 points in the last week. And this week, the market capitalization has increased by Tk 4,602 crore. As a result, the country’s stock market has passed another week with an upward trend. It is learned that the present commission wants to ensure good governance among the listed companies. Several steps have already been taken, which is affecting the market.

All six

Reason to grow up again stock market

First one, The lack of coordination between the regulatory body BSEC and other government agencies has diminished. In this case, the current chairman of the SEC is going to various organizations, which has affected the market.

Secondly, The reduction in interest rates on bank loans and deposits has impacted the market.

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Thirdly. Banks have adequate liquidity. There is no liquidity crisis in the stock market either. That’s why the market has turned around.

Number four, Each bank was given Rs 200 crore for the stock market. That money is being discounted now. In other words, this money is slowly coming to the capital market, which has affected the market.

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The fifth reason, Many of the big investors, have been sitting outside watching for so long. Now they have also started coming to the market. And Six, Small investors see this as a security because of the floor price, which has affected the market.

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