The Types of Silage Choppers Available in Kenya

The following article looks at the types of silage choppers available in Kenya. It begins with a brief description of the machine. Afterwards, the report discusses the types of the silage chopper machine available in the market. Lastly, it discusses the maintenance and servicing of the farm equipment.

Silage choppers, also known as forage harvesters or foragers, are farm equipment used to cut forage after harvesting to create silage. Silage is hay, grass or corn that has been cut into smaller pieces and then compacted together. The silage is stored in a silage bunker, silage bags or storage silos. Silage is left to ferment and used as feed for livestock.

Silage choppers make work less-tedious. The machine cuts fodder into smaller pieces at a faster rate than man. The useof silage choppers is a practice that farmers are adapting. In Kenya maize is the staple food and after harvesting the plant can be used to make great silage.

Manual Silage Chopper

Manual silage choppers are operated manually and have a flywheel. The machine is lightweight making it ideal for use in domestic setups. The machine has a body made of cast iron and thus is very long lasting and reliable.The piece of equipment is fitted with a cranking liver. Rotation of the liver is done by hand.

The cutter blades in the machine are of high precision ensuring effortless and smooth cutting. This machine is ideal for a small amount of fodder as it does not require any power source. The are many affordable manual silage choppers for sale in Kenya.

Automatic silage chopper

The automatic silage chopper is operated by a power source. The power source can be an engine or a motor.For motor power silage cutters, different horsepower capacities are available depending on the requirements of the farmer. Engine powered choppers can be powered by either diesel or petrol.

The engine powered choppers have a cutter shaft and gear drive. Engine choppers are perfect for areas with no access to power. Automatic  feed choppers for sale in Kenya come with different prices depending on their specifications. The number of blades and rollers are the main determinants of the price.


Proper maintenance of the silage choppers ensure they last long. Just like all farming equipment, the silage chopper machines should be serviced regularly. All the broken or worn-out parts of the machine should be replaced. The cutter and blades should be sharpened or replaced as dull cutters increase the cost of operation.

Oil and filters should be changed and all the necessary parts should be lubricated. Inspection of hydraulic hoses should be conducted. The machine can be looked at by a professional depending on its complexity. For simpler machines, the inspection can be done by the owner while following the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Crops for Silage

The most common plants used to make silage are wheat straw, rice straw, and maize straw. The plants are put into the silage chopper machines and cut into smaller pieces. Afterwards, the silage is collected and put into storage.


The use of silage chopper machines makes it easier for farmers to make silage. The machine can either be manual or automated depending on the needs of the farmer. The equipment should undergo regular service and maintenance to ensure it lasts long.


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