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The Ultimate Guide for Camp Tent Hire in Adelaide

Spending time in the great outdoors is the best way to experience nature in all its glory. It’s the time you spend reconnecting and appreciating Mother Nature. However, most people are usually deterred from experiencing these adventures because of a lack of camping gear and supplies. For most, they believe they have to purchase every piece of equipment for use in the outdoors. Fortunately, you can rent every camping gear for use in the great outdoors. Today, we focus on the factors you need to consider for camp tent hire in Adelaide. Read on to find out more.

If you camp less often

Most reasons for camp tent hire in Adelaide point to how often you go out camping. Hiring a camping structure is usually reasonable for someone who doesn’t camp often. So, if you only camp once a year, there is no need for buying a shelter because it will remain stored for the better part of the year. In this case, the most beneficial option is to rent camping gear.


Another factor will be the distance you are traveling to get to your camping site. If you are traveling a long distance to arrive at your camping destination, choosing tent hire in Adelaide is the best possible option. Traveling with your shelter could be more expensive as you are required (in most places) to pay luggage fees. What’s more, the weight of the tent will only drag you down throughout the journey. Renting a structure will take some weight and pressure off your back for an enjoyable experience from the start.


Do you have sufficient storage space in your car or home? The answer to this will determine whether you buy or go for tent hire in Adelaide. Although some structures can fold down to a compact size, the bigger ones often occupy more space. For this reason, you can rent big shelters that would take up too much storage space in your home.


The cost of buying the best camping gear is usually not cheap. However, it is cheaper to choose tent hire in Adelaide. It is more practical to rent camping gear if you don’t camp often. This will help you to save on the cost of buying a new shelter.

Factors to consider when going for camp tent hire in Adelaide:


Before opting for tent hire in Adelaide, you should consider the following factors to get the best experience out of your camping adventures.


The size of a structure is determined by the number of people you are going to camp with. If you are alone, consider renting a smaller size. A larger one requires many people to sleep in, and if that’s the case, you should take one. What’s more, consider the standing height of the shelter to determine whether you will be walking in it.


The season for camping will also determine the type of shelter to get. There are plenty of camping structures available on the market, and each of them is built for different seasons. Ensure you get the right one for the right season to enable convenience.

Additional Features

A basic tent includes fabric walls, frame/ poles, guy ropes, and stakes/pegs. Additional features such as windows, mosquito nets, vestibule, and rain cover can provide a great convenience in various situations. Ensure you get the best for a better camping experience.


The cost of tent hire in Adelaide is usually not as much compared to the buying price. This alone should help you to make the right and economical decision. With the above reasons and factors, you can determine whether to buy or rent a camping tent.

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