Tips before buying a folding exercise bike

With sport and fitness being such a wide and varied market, it is not surprising that we find a lot of different stationary bikes to choose from, which translates into competitive prices that can make our search last hours and hours.

This is why, before embarking on the search for a good stationary bike, it is convenient to take into account some key considerations that will help you choose the model that really suits you and your needs, in addition, you may be able to find the one that meets your needs. The best value for money. Read the tips about exercise bikes in this article.

Your hight

Before looking at any folding exercise bike, you should know exactly how tall you are, that is, your height in centimeters, this will help you locate a bike that has the correct distance between the pedals and the seat. If you are a long-legged person, you will need an exercise bike where you can adjust the height of the saddle. Similarly, for people with short legs, they should be able to adjust the seat to the right height that allows them to pedal comfortably, especially if they plan to share the bike with someone taller.

If we use a bicycle that is too small, we can end up hurting our knees due to the pedaling movement, so it is absolutely necessary to have equipment that has the right dimensions.

Resistance levels

Another of the main considerations that we must think about when choosing a stationary bike is its resistance levels, since these will help us improve our performance by being able to climb progressively with frequent use. The resistance levels help the exercise bikes have the same sensation of pedaling outdoors, increasing the difficulty and having to apply more force as we go up the level. Depending on the bike, you can find models with different amounts of levels, being able to find 8 levels or even more.

Aailable space at home

One of the great advantages of folding exercise bikes is that, as indicated by their name, they allow for the simplest storage, as they are equipment that can be folded to be easily stored anywhere. Although they are practical and foldable, it is necessary to take into account the available space you have at home before choosing any bike, this includes the place where you plan to use the bike and the one you are going to use for storage when it is not used.


No one wants their new exercise bike to end up breaking after just one use because it didn’t have adequate capacity, so it’s important to consider the construction materials of this exercise equipment, as they are the main indicators of how resistant it will be and how much it can support in relation to the weight. If you use a stationary bike that has a lower capacity than you need, you could end up damaging the equipment and could also affect your knees and back, so it is necessary to choose one that is capable of supporting your weight and an additional 25 kilos.

Your physical state

Not all people are the same, each one has different levels of resistance when training, some seek to define, others just to stay active, so their bike must adapt to what they need, offering the best performance and the best results. Lets know the best magnetic indoor cycling bike reviews and comparison. A marathoner’s training will not be the same as that of a frequent runner, since both have different needs, so their bicycles will not be the same, for this reason, it is important to know your physical condition and level of performance well before choosing any model of exercise bike.

For a frequent cyclist, upright exercise bikes are ideal, providing a workout as demanding as a traditional bike, while for people looking for a lower impact exercise, seat bikes are a better option, especially if they go to be used by older people.

Types of exercise bikes

You can find 3 main ways in which folding bicycles, each type is focused on a different type of user who will also vary the budget and the position of the body that you like the most. These are:

  • Vertical
  • reclining
  • Indoor cycling or spinning

In the end, they all fulfill the function of being able to pedal inside an enclosure, although at the same time the space they occupy, the sensation, and even how difficult it can be to train change.

Upright exercise bikes

This is the type that has been on the market the longest and that also all or the vast majority of folding bicycles have this shape. The position in which the cyclist sits is the same as on a road bike but in a more upright way, since the handlebars are in a much higher position.

By having this position, the body suffers less, we are more comfortable and we avoid hunching the back, removing tension in the lower back. Another advantage is that they usually have a large and soft seat with which you can spend more hours sitting.

The main difference between upright exercise bikes and spinning bikes is how the flywheel works. In the vertical position, you can stop pedaling and your feet will not continue to move due to the turning of the steering wheel since it has internal gears.

They all have a screen with training information, such as time, resistance, some even have pre-recorded training where the intensity changes according to the time you are in, while at the same time you can continue to see your heart rate or calories lost.

To summarize these upright exercise bikes are for beginner to intermediate people looking for reasonable comfort. With these, you cannot do very intense training like in indoor cycling where you can even go standing without sitting down and giving more force, but these are enough to make you sweat the shirt at home.

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