Tips for a smooth claim settlement

A strong gust of wind blows away some roof tiles, resulting in water damage. Annoying, but fortunately you are well insured. How do you best state your damage so that you receive correct compensation quickly? We give you some useful tips.

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1. Limit the damage

In the event of damage, you first and foremost do what is necessary and then try to limit the damage. For example, when roof tiles are blown away, you can put a plastic tarpaulin on your roof to prevent further water damage.

2. Contact assistance or your broker

Does your fire insurance policy offer immediate assistance? Then call the assistance number and explain your problem. Otherwise, call or email your broker. Waiting for a long time can not only significantly worsen the damage, you can also lose your right to compensation. Moreover, after a while it is often no longer clear what the cause of the damage is.

3. Be precise and complete

Give your broker or insurer a clear description of the facts. ‘Water damage’ doesn’t really say much: be concrete, clear and complete. Is a counterparty involved? Make sure to also write down all contact details. Take photos, because they usually give a clearer picture of the damage than just a textual description. In case of theft or burglary, have a police report drawn up.

4. Expert comes by

In some claims, the insurer sends an expert. He then estimates the damage, draws up a report and an official report and – after your approval – has it signed by you. Both documents are then sent to your insurer, who will investigate whether it concerns a covered claim.

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5. Request a quote yourself

In other claims, no expertise is required and your description of the facts is sufficient. In the meantime, you can also request your own specifications from a plumber or electrician. Do wait with the repair until your insurer has approved the quotation.

6. Recovery and compensation

In case of damage or Crime Scene that is covered and your insurance company agrees with the quotation, you have the necessary repairs carried out, you pay the invoices and send them to your insurer. You then refund the amount, whether or not reduced by the amount of the exemption. After that, the damage is nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

You also need to take care of water damages

Leakage from water mains

A leak in your water or drainage pipe can cause many unwanted problems. For example, a leaking water pipe can cause a lot of damage and a leak in your drain can cause odor nuisance, among other things. To deal with these kinds of problems as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to get help.

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Urgent service

A leak can cause a lot of damage. That is why in most cases it is desirable to stop the leak as quickly as possible. When urgent, you can call on the emergency service. If you call on this service, employees will be on your doorstep in no time. He will then repair the leak on your drain or water line.

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