Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Ball for Your Game

Golf ball manufacturers have to keep up to date with technological advances and meet USGA regulations regarding performance when designing golf balls. Golf players are all at different skill levels and the balls they play with have to meet their needs. By selecting the right golf ball, players can get more distance and keep their scores lower.

Skill level

Golf ball types vary when it comes to distance, control, and spin. High handicap players usually go for a golf ball that focuses on distance and control. Low handicap players usually select a ball with additional spin, which helps them score better.

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Construction type

Modern golf balls consist of layers. Players that want more backspin may choose a three-piece ball, while those who want to reduce the effects of spin on the ball are likely to choose a multilayer one.

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Compression rating

Players need to select a golf ball with the right compression rating. Manufacturers design balls for players with different types of swings – high, low or moderate speed. They try to maximize distance, feel or a combination of the two. Golfers with slower swing speeds need to choose balls with compression ratings between 80 and 90. For golfers with high swing speeds, compression ratings over 100 are suitable.

Know weaknesses

Players who bet on sports are usually familiar with the sport they want to bet on and understand the weaknesses of teams etc. The same applies to those who want to invest in stocks. Once they understand more about how the stock market works, they can start to make money. The same principle applies to selecting a golf ball.

Players need to take their weaknesses into account when choosing a ball. If they always find themselves short of the desired driver length, a golf ball designed for extra distance is probably a good choice. If they find themselves hitting greens but the ball isn’t sticking, they may need a ball designed for extra spin.

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