Tool Kit Essentials for Electricians

Electricians encounter a huge variety of tasks everyday. Being able to handle these assignments requires skill and expertise and a number of tools that are essential, like those from RS Components. So let’s look now at what tools every electrician should seek to ensure they’ve got in their tool kit.

Safety Gear

All good tool kits will feature a safety component. This is certainly the case when it comes to an electrician’s gear. As well as gear in their ‘uniform’ such as safety boots and insulated fire-resistant clothing, electricians should also make use of a hard hat and safety goggles whenever a task requires them. The utilisation of insulated tools – such as insulated pliers and screwdrivers – is also important to help minimise any safety risks.

Tools for Assessment

In order to properly identify a problem or know where to start work, it’s of course first necessary to see the area! That’s why inspection cameras find use each day by electricians around the world. Inspection cameras can provide a visual aid for those areas where it would be very difficult – if not impossible – for the naked eye to see. A multimeter is another very useful tool for assessing an issue or potential job. Given their ability to provide a reading of numerous electrical values, by many measures a multimeter really can be an electrician’s best friend.

Tools for Working with Electrical Components

Once an inspection of an area is completed, there’s particular items that commonly come out of just about every electrician’s tool kit. A drill is a very useful tool to have on-hand for a variety of tasks, including gaining access to an area work must be done on. So too a utility knife for when incisions are necessary. Wire strippers can make easy the task of stripping the insulation back from a wire. Electrical tape is also a great ad, given its capacity to resist moisture, and also abrasion and corrosion.

Seeking Out Another Expert When Necessary

 While electricians can indeed attend to a huge variety of tasks there’s of course instances where a particular job could see them encounter an unusual issue. One where they don’t have the necessary training and/or prior experience dealing with a problem like it, to be able to address it. Sometimes this can happen to plumbers or carpenters, and they need to call an electrician in! When a circumstance like this occurs to an electrician, it’s always essential they call in another trusted professional for their insight. This way the right path can be taken to establishing how to get the job done safely and properly.


 Having the right tools in-hand helps ensure an electrician does their best work each day, and can do it while minimising the risk of any damage to people or property. That’s why for electricians looking to build their tool kits today, ensuring there’s quality safety gear, tools for assessment, and tools for working with electrical wiring is essential. With these all in-hand, there’s a great foundation for an electrician to build a fantastic reputation and additional expertise from one day to the next.

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