Top 4 Mobile Productivity Apps to Help You Work Smarter

Staying focused has never been harder in today’s world of digital distractions. From phone calls to text messages, your attention is constantly being diverted and Mobile Productivity Applications (Apps) help you stay on top of your game by assisting users to track important tasks, use reports to see how you spend your time and boost your productivity.

Track your time anywhere you go, overcome smartphone addiction, block disturbing websites and applications and subsequently boost your productivity and output using Mobile Productivity Apps.

A Mobile Productivity App Developer can help you regain a sense of self control by analyzing details on how exactly users are spending their valuable time in line with their daily goals. 

1. Trello – Boost Your Mobile Productivity

Trello is a Mobile Productivity App that boasts over 35 million registered users and helps you to organize all your projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between. Whether you’re planning a website design project, vacation or company off-site, Trello is a customizable and flexible visual tool for organizing almost anything.

Trello users can get more done with Trello’s customizable-yet-simple boards, lists, and cards. Using Trello, users can go from idea to action in seconds by creating cards and dragging them across the board to follow a project’s progress.

To offer support for that last mile, Trello users can also add checklists, labels, and due dates the way you see fit and give projects the fuel they need to get across the finish line.

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2. Forest

The Forest Mobile Android App Development helps unleash your productivity along with 6 million paying users. Using the Forest app users can plant a tree to stay focused.

If users commit to the task without getting distracted, the tree grows; however if users cannot resist the temptation to use a phone, your tree will die. Using the Forest Mobile Productivity App over time, users can grow their very own forest built from one’s own focus and commitment.

3. Toggle Track 

The Toggl Track Mobile Productivity App syncs easily across all devices and helps you to clearly and efficiently understand what areas users are spending their time on and how that is impacting their daily goals.

Having logged into Toggl Track, users can start clocking in their hours and catalogue them by the type of client, project, hours etc. The App then generates insights that users can understand to figure out how to best invest their time. 

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4. Stay Focused

The Stay Focused Mobile Productivity App helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps, websites and keywords. Users can block apps, websites and keywords based on the conditions defined by you! In addition to website and app blocking, users can set limits on overall phone usage as well.

The Stay Focused Mobile App Development allows users to block apps and websites at specified time intervals, set daily usage limits for apps and websites, temporarily block apps or websites, control time spent on apps, websites and phone and even stop notifications, to help keep away from distracting apps.


If you feel that you are spending too much time on social networking or messaging apps, download a Mobile Productivity App and free yourself from obsessive scrolling and achieve your goals as you work in a place where procrastination does not exist!

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