Top 5 Leading Property Management Systems in Market

The guest experience is a very important aspect of the accommodation and also it is the key to welcoming returning guests. Using a streamlined and intuitive property management system will save you time during your day-to-day processes. This way, after using a PMS you’ll have more time and possibilities to interact with guests and offer them a truly personalised experience. A hotel PMS is a software that expedites a hotel’s reservation management and administrative tasks.

The modules of a PMS help manage the following operations: inventory distribution management, reservations, check-ins and check-outs, front-desk operations, revenue management, marketing and customer relations, housekeeping, reports and analytics, and back-office management.

Not all hospitality businesses use the whole functionality of hotel PMS. In fact, today not every hotel has one. That’s why software vendors sell their solutions in separate systems that solve a particular problem and unite to PMSs via APIs.

Top 5 Leading Property management systems


OPERA combines numerous functionalities into a single platform. it is a cloud-based property management system. In addition to the core functionality of property management systems are such as room appointments, rate management, check-in/check-out. OPERA incorporates integrated channel and rate management with group travel functionality to manage more complicated requests.


Hotelogix is a most famous software which is very useful in making online reservations. Hotelogix not only makes the reservation and the bookings easy but also as simple as a mouse click. It is a cloud based software which is very helpful in not only bookings but the user can upgrade his booked room and even do the payment before or after check out.


RMS is an ultimate cloud-based property management software for full-service, limited service, and self-service resorts and hotels. It provides extensive package handling functionality that allows you to create flexible, detailed packages to meet the very particular needs of your property operations. RMS gives an innovative, save time, money, maximize revenue, and improve the guest experience with software tailored to meet your property’s sole needs and support your operational purposes.


Stay flexi is a Property Management System which helps the admin department of the hospitality industry to manage their various tasks like management of inventory, housekeeping, Processing of payment and various other tasks. Stay flexi autonomus property management systems helps in audits reports and statistics as it is packed with powerful features to streamline and automate the business operations. This PMS solution can meet the demands of the customers complex operational requirements.


Cloudbeds Property Management System is very easy-to-use and totally integrated. It combines the everyday operations of hoteliers and makes them streamlined with one powerfully single system. There is a drag ad drop calendar preset in the cloud beds PMS which helps you to reduce manual duties and save time. The software is so managed that it gets updated automatically everywhere with a click. Furthermore, we can decrease costly manual mistakes with more automation

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