Top 8 modern features of a car

Thinking over the evolution of cars will never disappoint. For these many years, every aspect of a vehicle, starting from the appearance to the internal and external features, has Traditionally, driving a car means a lot of work. One must perform a long checklist of actions before, after and during driving.

With the advent of modern features, there is no need for any tedious planning when you start your car. Here you can learn more amusing and advanced features of modern vehicles.

Parking assists

Everyone has difficulty finding a parking spot, especially in crowded places. Finding a vacant slot and safely parking the car is a big task. The parking assist feature, also called the Advanced parking guidance system makes parking easy.

It works with cameras, sensors, and radars to find a perfect spot and guidelines that automatically drive the car into the parking space. It helps in determining the steering angle and displays information on the touchscreen. It also triggers the backup camera and allows drivers to see what is behind the vehicle.

Reverse assist

Maneuvring issues are common when driving in narrow spaces. Mainly, the circumstances will demand the driver to take a reverse from the area and make way for another vehicle. Most of the time, bumping into sidewalls and other obstacles can damage the car and injure passengers. Reverse assist saves you from these kinds of problems.

Adaptive cruise control

This active safety system controls the acceleration and braking of the vehicle. It is placed on the steering wheel in the form of a button. Previously, cars had cruise control that helped prefix the speed limit, which was very useful for uncongested roads. However, it may backfire in a crowded area or during uncertain events. To solve this problem, Adaptive cruise control, with the help of radars, calculates the speed of other vehicles and helps to adjust the speed of your car accordingly.

Head-up displays

It is a transparent display technology serving an efficient purpose. With this technology, information is projected on the windshield and stops the driver from shifting his natural gaze. The fine technology does not hinder the view of the driver and is transparent. Initially, it was used in military vehicles, and now it is seen in many luxury cars.

Driver drowsiness detection

Unfortunately, fatigue and drowsiness are one of the leading reasons for road accidents. Driver drowsiness detection with its sensor array calculates the blinks per minute, driver’s steering behaviour, frequency of movements and other parameters to determine the driver’s alertness. It also records and creates algorithms for long rides and maintains enough data to respond when needed.

Gesture and voice control


These brilliant features help to reduce distractions while driving. It works by controlling the infotainment system and other components in a car. You do not have to click a button or touch a screen for it to work. You can instruct the procedure by talking to it. Moreover, you can even recommend the car with a pre-recorded gesture for it to function.

Blind spot detection

The ability to detect blind spots and other potential hazards in the roadways has become a significant challenge for vehicle drivers. The challenge is tough for a vehicle driver who must make decisions at night when visibility is poor. Blind spot detection detects other vehicles that are beside the driver’s side and rear.

It is a technique that uses the relative light levels at different points in an image to determine a threshold. The algorithm works by comparing the relative brightness at each pixel. If a pixel is brighter than the threshold, that pixel is considered part of the object. If it’s dimmer than the threshold, it’s considered part of the noise.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the modern features of cars.  It is believed that colours are linked to fatigue and moo

If you plan to get a modern car with unique features and make your driving experience priceless, ensure you check for all of the features mentioned earlier and never forget to explore more.

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