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Top Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Designs – Part 1

Maharashtra is the Land of Warriors rich with a mixture of many cultures and ethnicities. The kings and their queens loved to wear different kinds of pieces of jewellery and Maharashtrians still love to wear those traditional gold jewellery designs.

The traditional Maharashtrian jewellery is unique and famous worldwide. Every piece of jewellery has antique designs of its own kind and are known for their unique names. Let us know everything about traditional Maharashtrian jewellery in this article.

  1. Peshwai Nath: It is a typical traditional nose pin introduced at the time of Pehswa’s around 300 years back. This was worn by only royal ladies at that period of time. This nose pin is highlighted with luscious pearls and shiny colored stones.
  2. Mundavalya: It is a beautiful forehead ornament worn by the bride and groom at the time of their wedding day when they are ready to walk to the mandap0. It is made of a pearl string that is tied horizontally across the forehead. There are two vertical pearl strings as well which define the togetherness of bride and groom.
  3. Thushi: It is a typical Maharashtrian gold necklace set designed like a choker-style necklace. It is originated in Kolhapur and made by weaving gold beads closely with one another to form a layer of strings. It is mostly considered as the perfect bridal jewellery as it is light in weight and easy to wear.
  4.  Kolhapuri Saaj: It is a very special Kolhapuri ornament for a married woman just like a gold mangalsutra. It is made with gold beads or lining beads with the amalgamation of 10,12,14 or 21 leaves depending on the height of the necklace. This Maharashtrian jewellery is famous across the globe and exported to various countries like America.
  5. Vaaki: It is a traditional Maharashtrian armlet generally worn on each arm by the bride on her special day. Generally, it is crafted with 23-carat gold wire adorned with stones and floral motifs.
  6. Putli Haar: It is a very special unique designed Maharashtrian jewellery generally worn by Marathi ladies in villages. It is also known as a temple necklace or coin necklace as it is made of a few round coins held together on a silk braided cord. The coins are decorated with Ramavatar or Goddess Lakshmi (a symbol of wealth) with golden jari.
  7. Ambada: It is an antique golden bun pin, pinned on the hair bun of a Marathi bride. It is adorned with pearls and gemstones and sometimes this traditional piece of jewellery is made with sunflower-designed jowar beads.
  8. Kudya: This is the name given to the ear studs or cuffs worn by Marathi brides. These special ear cuffs are made of gold and studded with pearls.
  9. Tode: It is the name given to the gold kadas or bangles made with 23 Carat Gold. These are mostly handcrafted with intricate work and more precision with approximately 250-300gm Gold in each bangle.
  10. Chooda: These are the green color bangles worn by every Maharashtrian bride. Green symbolizes prosperity and fertility. These bangles are mostly worn in odd numbers.

There are various other Maharashtrian jewellery designs that are continued on “Part 2”.

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