Two Simple Steps To Deter Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very small, their size ranges from 1-7mm, making them visible to the naked eye but easily overlooked. These small pests are not known to carry any diseases.

However, bed bugs do feed on human blood. They generally come out when you’re asleep, feed, and return to their homes. The first you may be aware of the issue is when you wake up with red marks or blisters. These will be very itchy. You may also notice rust-coloured splodges in your bed and even a few dead bugs, you’re likely to have rolled on them overnight.

One of the biggest issues is getting rid of bed bugs, they are experts at hiding and if you miss a few, they will quickly multiply and be a nuisance again. That’s why the sensible approach, when faced with a bed bug issue, is to call the pest control near you. They will ensure the bed bugs are completely gone from your home.

You should also talk to the experts regarding the most effective ways to deter bed bugs and other pests in your area, you can click for more info.

In the meantime, try these two simple steps.

1. Block Entry Points

Bed bugs are very good at hitchhiking. That means they can attach themselves to your clothes, bags, or almost anything else that you bring into your home. Of course, you’ll need to have been somewhere where bed bugs have already been, such as a hotel room.

If that’s not the case then bed bugs will try to get in through any gap or crack in your home. In other words, seal them up and you’ll stop the access. Alongside this, check your baggage and other items you carry into the house from potentially infected areas.

If in doubt, put the items in a sealed bag to carry them into the house and then wash and dry them as soon as possible. You can even leave items sealed in a bag to see if there are any signs of bed bug activity.

2. Remove The Hiding Places

Bed bugs are great at hiding and will often choose places that are difficult to reach or look into. For example, the creases of your mattress. These can be hard to remove which is why you should vacuum them regularly.

But, there are other spots that can be eliminated. For example, peeling wallpaper is a great place for all sorts of bugs to hide, including bed bugs.

They may also hide in ventilation shafts or even in clutter around your home, such as a pile of magazines.

Tidy your home, remove all clutter, and vacuum regularly. This will make your home less appealing to bed bugs. In addition, if they do enter it will be much easier to find them and eliminate them properly.

Don’t forget, it’s not just hotel rooms. One of the easiest ways for bugs to get into your home is when you buy second-hand furniture. Inspect it carefully before taking it into your home.

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