Unhealthy diet consequences on us

Food aims to provide our body with building and other essential substances, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and to maintain our energy level.

Everything you eat, your body converts into energy. The energy that you consume but not consume, often from sugar and fat, is stored as fat. Do you eat more than you consume? Then you arrive. Do you eat less than you consume? Then you lose weight. On the website of the Nutrition Center, you can calculate what a good weight for your height is.

The consequences of being overweight

The combination of too little exercise and an unhealthy diet can lead to obesity. Being overweight means that you are overweight for your height. For example, being overweight can cause back pain or bother your knees. But also suffer from shortness of breath, headaches, and sleep disorders.

In the long run, the consequences of being overweight are worse. Think of high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. These are diseases that develop slowly, you only notice them after a long time. They are often difficult to cure afterward.

The consequences of being too light

You can also get complaints if you are underweight. You often get too little energy and nutrients. Fat and muscle are broken down. This makes you feel weaker, you are tired more quickly and you have less desire to move.

Do you have the impression that you often eat way too much in a short time and that you cannot stop it at those times? Then you may have an eating problem.

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Overweight, now what?

Are you overweight? Don’t go on a strict diet! Most young people are still growing. Then you need important nutrients to grow. And you get it from dinner. You can of course eat healthier. For tips on healthy weight loss, you can contact a dietician or the GGD.

Underweight, now what?

Are you too thin? Eat and drink a little more than your body needs on a daily basis. Choose healthy food. You can contact the youth health care for tips about gaining weight in a healthy way. A dietician can also help you.

Do you not eat for a long time because you do not like your body? Then it is good if you talk about this with someone you trust. You can always chat with us too.

Online check eating disorders

Do you feel too concerned with your weight, and could you have an eating disorder? Then do the online check from the measures which will help you know where you are lagging. There are many people who once had eating disorders and got out of them just by precisely diagnosing their cause. In this way you can have a better check on your routine and maintain a balanced eating habits which will help you staying out of all these concern and lead you to a better life.

Hope you like our article and now conscious enough to get your life in balance.

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