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Useful tips to find a fake person or profile on matrimonial sites

Old traditional ways of finding a perfect groom or bride have been replaced by matrimonial sites and services. These platforms offer you many advantages and at top of all, a large pool of profiles are available on such platforms to choose from. However, with a large number of choices, there arises a risk of connecting with a fake person too. Although most of the matrimonial sites like Royal Matrimony (a site) offer you safe ways to find your soulmate securely, still you cannot completely hold Punjabi Matrimonial back fake persons to enter the platform as they have their own ways too. However, by following some tips you can keep yourself safe from such fake persons.

Profile Picture

A picture speaks a lot about a person and on matrimonial sites, this job is done by profile picture of the person. The first and foremost thing is to stay away from profiles with no profile picture and is also better to avoid ones with heavily edited pictures. The next thing to do is to match the age filled-in the profile with the picture. If it seems that the person’s profile picture doesn’t seem to reflect the respective age then you may ask the person directly and can also do further research. 

Inconsistency in Details

Every matrimonial site like Royal Matrimony (a famous Punjabi matrimonial site) asks you to fill in certain basic details about you and your family. Check for the details entered by the person and if those details are not properly mentioned then avoid connecting with that profile. Also, if you experience frequent edits in someone’s profile then also stay away from that profile. Besides this, if all the details are mentioned and there are no frequent edits then also never forget to do your part of the research. Check for the person’s social media accounts to match the details and try out other possible ways to enquire about the person and his/her mentioned details. 

Putting a Lot of Pressure

A person with wrong intentions will always be in a hurry to leave the place after fulfilling his wrong motives. The same will be the case with a fake person on a matrimonial site. Once his/her ulterior motives are fulfilled on matrimonial sites, he would try to leave the platform as soon as possible. For the same reason, he would pressurize you to meet him or her at their own convenience, without even divulging much personal information. It is always better to be suspicious if you meet such a person on a matrimony platform. Even if you decide to meet him/her, involve your family and friends and take someone trustworthy with you when you go to meet that person. click here pagalmovies


There is no doubt that matrimonial sites have taken the concept of arranged marriages to a whole new level. With the help of such platforms, we can find our true ones within some clicks only but we also have to be more careful with these. Marriage is a lifelong decision and a wrong partner can destroy our whole life. Thus, we should never flow with our emotions and should not trust any person we meet on such platforms blindfolded. We should always do our part of research and should keep our mind over the heart to spot if we have been in contact with any fake matrimonial profile. Read more about f95zone

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