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What Are Some Ideas to Set Up a Theme for Your Christmas Decorations?

Last Christmas, Australians spent approximately $24Bn on decorations and accessories. That’s a 38% jump from the expenditure recorded the year before that. An average Aussie was found to have spent $1,232 on presents, food, alcohol and decorations. And in terms of spending, while Victorians spent $1,373, the people of New South Wales, particularly from Sydney, spent about $1,361.


So, whether you limit your Christmas tree to the hallway or include the front porch, living room, garden and more, choosing the right Christmas decorations can be a highly stressful task or great fun. And whether you keep it simple by looking for traditional bells to go on the Christmas tree or find something as sophisticated as Christmas solar lights in Sydney, this article shall cover some tips to ease the process of choosing the perfect decorations and bringing back the fun of the holiday.

1.    Pick a Theme

By choosing a theme, you create a central element around which the decorations can be selected, and the look can be conceptualised and pulled off. As such, you immediately narrow down the elements, decor and colours that you must focus on for setting up the house.

2.    Colours Based on the Theme

Colours singlehandedly play the most defining role in the theme you choose for Christmas. If you want to keep it classy and traditional, colours like red, green, and white could help you pull off this look. And if you want to make it a tad more colourful, try throwing in some blue, purple and silver elements to add a twist to your theme. Think gold and teal if you seek to set up a more modern look. Meanwhile, whatever the theme, only choose colours that match it.

Some Examples of Setting Up Decorations Based on Popular Themes

The Traditional Look

Most often, nostalgia plays a vital role during the festive seasons. Hence, the most popular theme for Christmas these days involves a blend of older traditions with new ideas. So, to set up a traditional theme, try mixing natural elements like rich velvet hand-crafted wool stockings and ornaments like star baubles, hanging figurines, red and white ball ornaments, and other classic options. If you would like to add a modern twist, try throwing in some abstract ornaments infused with LED lights or some sophisticated ornaments like Christmas solar lights in Sydney.

Snowscape Theme

This theme is charming and simple at the same time. It blends the calmness that snowy landscapes bring with the lively mischief of childhood memories. The colours, moods, and textures represent crunchy snow, icicles, and the delight building a snowman brought.


You may mix some natural materials with glistening silver and white and some white animal baubles. Also, throw in a modern decor item to complete the look. Speaking of baubles, did you know the giant Christmas tree in Sydney’s Martin’s Place has 330 glossy baubles and a star that’s 3.4 metres long?

Garden Retreat Theme

If you love gardening or are a nature lover, this theme could be perfect for you; it brings the outdoor element indoors. The usage of hints of greenery and similar ornaments truly elevates this look and provides a peaceful and serene vibe.


You can pull off this theme by sticking to a lot of green with your Christmas ornaments and additional decor. You could use wreaths layered with pine cones and acorns and baubles resembling fruits and vegetables.

The most crucial aspect here is to play around with the colours, materials, textures, and shapes and add some elements of tradition and tech by using items like Christmas solar lights in Sydney to create a look and ambience that matches your theme. In the end, how you depict the Christmas spirit and cheer must say a thing or two about your house and the people who live in it.

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