What are some measures which the government can take to reduce pedestrian accidents? Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a beautiful place with its laws in place. However, sometimes bad things could happen in this city. In recent surveys, many pedestrian accidents have surged in this city. The best car accident attorneys in Atlanta can help you in filing a case if you met an accident. In this article, we shall explore a few ways to improve road conditions in Atlanta. 

The following factors could be looked into for making improvements in this city and reduce people from getting into accidents:

The Road Provisions

Installation of suitable lighting, clearly designated crossing places or pedestrian crossing signs, and speed restriction signs or speed bumps are all examples of pedestrian safety provisions. The presence of speed bumps might slow down a fast vehicle, and people crossing the road will be safer due to this. Cars may not see people wearing black late at night; therefore, sufficient street lighting is important.

Increase pedestrian footpaths

These are sidewalks that have been adequately maintained and are free of impediments such as signage, commerce, or landscaping waste. Consider whether there is a large box in the center of the footpath promoting something. That would compel you to leave the sidewalk, which is dangerous in a city known for speeding vehicles.

Improve markings

Pedestrian crossing lanes with appropriately timed signals are among the features of well-designed sidewalks because if signs fail, automobiles may clash with pedestrians. Lines should be well delineated so that cars stay in their lanes and do not overtake; adequately painted, non-faded crosswalk lines are also essential. There should be more zebra crossings on major highways and attendants to guarantee that automobiles do not halt on the corner.

Set speed limits

Speed limits should be in place on all roads, whether highways or lanes. Atlanta already penalizes speeding drivers, but the penalties are not severe enough. People would be discouraged from speeding if more stringent laws were in place.

Don’t give licenses that easily

The least the government can ensure is that permits are issued to deserving drivers who fare well in their tests. RTOs should provide permissions under no circumstances to a rash driver or cannot answer the driving test properly. 

Pedestrians who have been injured may be eligible to initiate negligence lawsuits. For failing to maintain a safe pedestrian space, pedestrians may launch claims against a negligent driver and a property owner or municipal agency.

Accident victims should seek legal counsel to preserve their rights by obtaining police records, eyewitness testimony, and physical evidence, as well as dealing with insurance adjusters.

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