What are the Opportunities after Getting an LLB Degree from Calcutta University?

After securing an LLB degree from Calcutta University, a student can either pursue further studies or start working. A wide range of opportunities in corporate houses, law firms, and government jobs is available to law graduates. Here are some noteworthy options for these students:

Starting Court Practice

After completing an LLB course of 3 or 5 years, the students can be legal practitioners in the high court of Kolkata. They can start administering civil or criminal cases as per their specialization and area of interest.

They can also assist renowned advocates to gain practical knowledge of legal matters and proceedings. The advocates usually offer attractive stipends to their assistants.

Applying for the Post of Law Researcher

The post of ‘Law Researcher’ is also available in the Kolkata High Court. The Law Researcher must study law books, articles, and other materials to assist the judge while preparing judgments.

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Taking Up Judicial Service Examination

Upon completion of the LLB course from Calcutta University, the students can start preparing for the state-level judicial services exams. These exams are conducted to recruit subordinates in the judicial services.

Joining a Law Firm

Law graduates can also join a reputed law firm and earn a decent salary. Along with remuneration, they will also gain from the experience of handling different cases and issues.

Landing in Corporate Houses

Corporate houses and banks hire Legal Officers to analyze and handle the legal affairs of their organization. They are responsible for handling the legal issues or conflicts that arise within or outside the organization. Therefore, their main job is to keep the corporate houses out of legal troubles for which they receive a high package.

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Law corporations and companies seek support services from LPOs, i.e., firms that engage in Legal Process Outsourcing works. The students may join such LPOs after completing their LLB courses. Numerous other middle-tier law companies offer a decent salary to the law graduates for joining them.

Becoming Government Prosecutor

Upon securing an LLB degree from Calcutta University, one can take up the position of a Government Prosecutor. Experienced lawyers might get a higher preference for these posts, but one can also undergo a training program to become a Government Prosecutor. A Government Prosecutor must represent the State in civil and criminal cases.

Pursuing Master’s Degree

A better option would be to pursue the LLM (Master of Law) degree after completing the bachelor’s program. Some of the premier institutes and colleges that offer LLM courses are –

  • IILS – Indian Institute of Legal Studies
  • NUJS – West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences
  • Amity University
  • University of North Bengal
  • Adamas University

Completing the LLM course gives deeper insights to the students and makes them proficient in legal matters. However, they will need to clear entrance exams like CLAT to become eligible for securing admission for the master-level courses.

Joining NGO

One may also join an NGO such as Smile Foundation, CRY, etc., as these non-profit organizations also require legal experts and advisors. The task would be to assist the organization in attaining its objectives. They might also be recruited as a board member of an NGO.

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Other Services

The students may also join the legal departments of the Air, Navy, or Army to offer their services after completing graduation in law. These defense forces have a JAG (Judge Advocate General) department that supports their administrative works and operations.

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