What does Balan say in Balan Wonderworld?

Balan Wonderworld is an upcoming platform game developed by Arzest and the Balan Company, and published by Square Enix. In it, players assume the role of two children who are guided by a magical being called Balan. The game is set in the year 2021, and the players must travel through twelve worlds that are themed after various troubled people.

Character design

Balan Wonderworld is a new IP that’s backed by a major publisher. It reunites Naoto Ohshima with the character artist who designed Sonic. Despite its modern-day setting, the game’s dated design makes it feel like a game released 20 years ago. As such, Balan Wonderworld is best enjoyed if you’re willing to overlook its dated design.

The visuals and music in Balan Wonderworld are beautiful and colorful. The game also boasts excellent framerate and high-quality FMVs. However, the game’s controls feel outdated and unwieldy at times. While it’s possible to learn to use them, the controls are a little unfriendly. It also lacks a coherent voice.

The world of Balan Wonderworld is made up of positive and negative emotions. The player must defeat the negative ones by wearing costumes that represent the positive emotions. In the beginning, the development team focused on designing the main characters. They also worked on the storyline. Then, they worked on the worlds for the characters.

In contrast, the game’s bosses are another source of confusion. While they boast an impressive range of moves and powers, the sprite and movement feel limited, and it’s difficult to learn them all. This is a major drawback. The game is supposed to promote inclusivity among gamers, but it fails in this regard.

Despite a mediocre storyline, the characters are interesting. They’re also well-done in the game’s levels. However, this game is a reminder of how bad storytelling and animation can ruin a game. Despite this, Balan Wonderworld still contains some great ideas. If you’re a fan of horror, it’s probably a good game to try. It’s worth playing, but don’t expect anything too complicated.

The plot of Balan Wonderworld is a bit similar to Nights Into Dreams, with two child protagonists named Leo and Emma. Leo is troubled by a friend’s fallout, while Emma is troubled by gossip. Both of them meet the mysterious Balan, a mysterious character, who takes them to an alternate realm created from memories.


The Storyline of Balan Wonderworld is a bit of a mystery. It does not have a clear main plot, and instead follows a variety of different characters throughout each stage. The Negati appear throughout the stages, while Lance only makes appearances during mini-games and mid-bosses. The game also has a hub world called the Isle of Tims, where the game takes place. There, players will meet fluffy bird creatures known as Tims.

The storyline of Balan Wonderworld takes place within a live stage show, and the players are tasked with helping the characters return happiness to those around them. Along the way, the players will also find out that some of the characters have failed to make money during the storm, or have lost their dolphin BFF.

In addition to the storyline, the game has memorable stages and an innovative boss fight. It also offers plenty of variety, from mini-games based on sports and bowling to action scenes. The characters are portrayed in a unique way, making the experience worthwhile. If you like playing video games, the Storyline of Balan Wonderworld will be for you.

During the demo, players can see the game in action, and can also try out costumes. There are 80 costumes to choose from, and each costume has a special ability. The player can try out each of them, and the game’s replay value is high. There are many ways to get the most out of Balan Wonderworld. One way is to use a demo launcher, which allows you to try the game without downloading the full version.

The Storyline of Balan Wonderworld begins with Lance’s corruption. Lance was originally a Balan before his attachment to humanity turned him into Lance. Hence, he created his current Balan in order to restore the balance in the Wonderworld. Lance believes that the cycle will repeat itself.

Balan Wonderworld is a 3D platformer that lets you use costumes to summon abilities. It is made by Square Enix and is expected to launch in March 2021 on a variety of platforms including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox 360.

Replay value

The art style and colour palette of Balan Wonderworld are striking, and the characters are unique and evocative. The game also has a cinematic feel, with different stage looks and designs. The game isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot of fun. The gameplay is a bit janky, and there are some issues with the management system that makes it feel out of place. But if you don’t mind these things, Balan Wonderworld may be right for you.

Balan Wonderworld is an entirely new IP from a major publisher. It sees Naoto Ohshima team up with the artist behind Sonic for the first time since 1998’s Sonic Adventure. While this may have appealed to fans of a bygone era, it still doesn’t hold up to the modern-day platforming experience.

The game’s plot is reminiscent of Nights Into Dreams, with two child protagonists – Leo and Emma. They’re troubled by gossip and a falling-out with a friend, but they eventually find themselves in a magical theater. There, they meet the mysterious Balan. Balan, the game’s mascot, has the appearance of a nightmarish mascot with green tentacles and a cheshire cat-like wide smile. Eventually, Balan kidnaps the two kids and throws them into the Isle of Tims, a dreamlike island created by memories of the past.

The visual style of Balan Wonderworld is quite striking, and the cutscenes are beautiful, but the game’s level design doesn’t feel cohesive. While some parts of the game feel like an anime, the overall feeling is of a disconnected series of mini-stories, rather than a cohesive storyline. Despite these problems, the game has a charm and a personality that is reminiscent of anime.

Replay value in Balan Wonderworld is limited, but the game is accessible and fun to play. The control scheme is simple with one button and analogue sticks. However, the lack of control over costume types and the limited hidden areas make it a less engaging game than it could be.

The interface is a major problem with Balan Wonderworld. It fails to communicate the need to collect statues in order to progress. The pause screen shows the player’s train requirements, but does not specify the statues he needs to collect. This is a disservice to the player’s time.


Balan Wonderworld is a platform game that emulates the greats of the classic platform genre. The levels are easy to navigate and enemies rarely pose a challenge. There are also plenty of Balan statues to find, though they’re often hidden behind obstructive barriers.

The game begins with two loners being drawn into a mysterious theater by a mysterious entity called Balan. They are forced to solve various people’s problems, from a dead cat to a bad dolphin. Each character has different problems to solve, and each is themed to the individual character’s personality. Some levels also have boss battles centered around the issues of the characters.

Balan Wonderworld is a 3D platformer that was developed by the Balan Company, a studio that recently was merged with Square Enix. This game was created by a team led by Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima, two developers who have worked together on the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Balan Wonderworld is a collectathon style 3D platformer. Each level contains two levels and a boss fight at the end. Each level requires the player to complete objectives, including collecting eight golden Balan statues (the equivalent of Jiggies). Once you have completed all of the levels, you unlock the next levels and can start collecting ‘Drops’.

Balan Wonderworld is a 3D platform game that is similar to the Nights sequel on the Wii. Although it is not the most exciting game in the world, it’s a competent one for those who enjoy the genre. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a solid platformer with a decent storyline and fun gameplay.

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