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What does it mean to be a lingerie waitress?


There’s a lot of confusion around the term “lingerie waitress.” Some people think you get to be a stripper or porn star. In reality, it’s a job where you don’t have to be intimate with anyone. Instead, you dress up in lingerie and sell stuff to customers. It’s become popular as adult entertainment has become more mainstream because it pays very well.


The term “lingerie waitress” is a bit of a misnomer. Lingerie waitresses are usually women who dress in sexy outfits, but not necessarily lingerie. Rather, they wear clothing that’s meant to be slightly more revealing than what most people would wear during their everyday lives.

The outfit may vary from place to place, but the idea is simple: waitresses are expected to show off their bodies while serving drinks and collecting customer tips. They can work as waitresses at clubs or strip clubs or even regular bars or restaurants that have decided to add this kind of entertainment to attract customers and make more money.

Many men enjoy watching beautiful women wearing very little clothing and serving them drinks—so it’s no surprise that this industry has been around for decades! The first known strip club opened in 1907 (in Chicago), so there has been plenty of time for trends like this one to come into existence–and stay around for quite some time!

Typical venues

Your typical venues for working as lingerie waitresses are strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, bachelor parties, and private parties. The job is also sometimes done at conventions and other events where there needs to be food and beverages served.

Typical duties

As a lingerie waitress, you’ll be expected to wear lingerie that matches the restaurant’s theme. You will also be expected to take orders and deliver food and drinks to your customers. Your job is about being friendly and engaging with your customers, so don’t forget that when they order their food or drink! And finally, don’t forget that in addition to serving as an entertaining server, you are also part of a team—so work together with your other servers.

Typical earnings

On average, you can earn $23,000 a year as a lingerie waitress. However, if you work as a lingerie waitress in states with very high living costs, your salary may be substantially higher than that figure. Alternatively, if you live in an area with lower housing costs and less expensive goods and services, you will likely take home less than $23K per year on average.

In addition to location-specific factors like cost of living and taxes, other factors can affect how much money you make as a lingerie waitress; these include: * Hours worked per week (the more hours worked per week generally means more money earned). * Experience level (the more experience = better tips).

  • Employment status (full-time employment tends to pay better than part-time).

Typical hours

You can expect to work about 20 hours per week, with some nights requiring more hours than others. You’ll be expected to work Friday/Saturday night shifts, but the rest of your shifts will be shorter and spread out during the week.


They get paid to dance and perform for customers, not to have sex with them or anyone else present at the club. Their job is to tease, titillate, and provide entertainment for everyone there – including women who come along for the ride!

Now you know what a lingerie waitress means: wearing fewer clothes than usual while still behaving professionally around others dressed normally (or more provocatively). These women keep their jobs by providing great entertainment value while staying within their professional limits. They also help their fellow employees by keeping things light hearted during stressful times when other workers may be dealing with difficult customers or issues outside work hours.

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