What injuries can drunk driving cause? Montrose

Drinking and driving are common these days. Usually, after Christmas or new year, we hear of incidents where a drunk driver has collided with a pedestrian or another vehicle after a party. The injuries sustained from a car accident can be fatal, and a Montrose auto accident attorney can help you in the legal matter of your case. In this post, you will explore some of the injuries that drunk driving can cause due to drunk driving.

Injuries to the spine

If the spine is significantly harmed, a person may have partial or total paralysis. Furthermore, discs might burst or slide, resulting in persistent pain and nerve damage.


The automobiles involved in the collision may explode and catch fire if the accident is severe enough. Serious burns, resulting in lasting deformity and scarring, infections, and psychological distress, could occur to a victim.

Damage to the organs

Internal injuries, such as organ damage, can be life-threatening and need immediate medical attention and surgery. The lungs, kidneys, and spleen are the most often damaged internal organs in car accidents.

Injuries to the soft tissues

Ligaments, tendons, and muscles in a person’s shoulder, back, or neck that have been torn or strained can impede movement and create long-term chronic discomfort. Before surgery is contemplated, a person may need a year or more of physical rehabilitation.

Severe brain problems

One of the most prevalent ailments patients experience is a traumatic brain injury. It may wreak havoc on a person’s memory, thinking, emotions, vision, hearing, and other senses, limiting his capacity to work and execute fundamental daily tasks.

Injury to the limbs

The patient may require surgery and long-term physical treatment for broken or crushed limbs caused by a drunk driving accident. A person’s arm, leg, or body part may be amputated in more extreme circumstances, either during the accident or while the victim receives medical care.

In conclusion, 

If you do not want to land up in an injury that can keep you in pain for the rest of your life, completely avoid driving when you are under the influence. Drunk driving can kill you. In addition, if not killed, the person you bang could be tarred with a handicap for life. So hire a driver who can drive you to your home safely when you are drunk. Please don’t take a chance, as it can lead to major injuries and heavy penalties.

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