What is a Pet Emergency Kit?

An emergency plan might help ease worry when something unexpected occurs, such as the worldwide pandemic we are facing today. Just as it is for your own emergency kit, taking the time to carefully choose objects for a pet emergency kit is essential. You can react swiftly and appropriately if needed.

Here is what pet parents should be ready with, for most emergencies

  1. A copy of all emergency contacts including the number of your local vet and your local emergency pet hospital.
  2. Commercial first aid kit with contents including non-stick pads, bandage gauze, swabs, pad wraps, tiny bandages, tweezers and blunt scissors.
  3. Oral activated charcoal in case your pet ingests a toxin.
  4. A thermometer for pets and a thermal shock blanket is also essential.
  5. Antiseptic balm to cover wounds under a bandage. Paw balm is beneficial for dry, chapped, or burnt paws, both during winter and summer.
  6. Nail trimmer with styptic powder to stop minor wound bleeding or if the nail is severely cut back.
  7. Gloves, oral plastic syringe, medication or cleansing wounds for tiny pets.
  8. Fluffy towels to cover frightened animals with.

A vet may advise you to keep a 2 to 4 week food supply in case of an emergency. Also, have an additional bag of food or cans for your cat always on hand and another kitty litter bag. Make sure to check pet tags and microchips to make sure everything is up-to-date.

It is essential to have cat insurance or Insurance For Pets Dogs for your pets too, to assist with paying for emergency medical treatments.

Pet insurance can help cover veterinary expenditure for your cat, dog or other pets when they are sick, injured or face various other medical problems, both minimal and essential. If your pet gets ill or has an accident, insurance helps cover the expenses of urgent treatment and can also cover things like vaccines or routine care. Your cat and dog are protected by the insurance scheme from nose to tail.

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