What is a proxy server and what is it for

The Internet is an open space where territorial and other boundaries are blurred for most users. This state of affairs significantly reduces the level of privacy of Internet users, while the amount of malicious traffic is growing in the meantime.

An effective solution to protect your personal data is the use of a proxy server that provides a gateway between the user and the web resource he is visiting. A full range of high-quality proxy services is presented on the website, where you can purchase a personal proxy that works with any website and program.

How does a proxy server work

This is a kind of intermediary computer that translates user requests to the Network, and sends the answers back. The proxy uses its own IP address, so the user’s personal data remains confidential.

To remain incognito on the Internet, the user needs to set the appropriate settings in the browser of his computer, then data packets will be transmitted and received through a proxy gateway, protecting the user’s network address.

What are the benefits of using a web gateway

The main reason for using a proxy among the majority of Internet users is the ability to hide their network address, and hence the history of visits to web portals. There are a sufficient number of sites on the Internet that prohibit access to users from certain regions of residence. In such cases, a proxy connection is the only option to access the information of interest.

However, a mediation server may also be needed for:

  • protection of personal data from network attacks;
  • Internet access of several computers, if there is only one IP-address;
  • saving traffic;
  • obtaining information by creating a cached copy.

Proxy services also make it possible to restrict access to entertainment sites for company employees. Parents can deny access to inappropriate content for their children.

Who needs proxy services

Safe and personal gateways are used by both corporate clients and ordinary Internet users, for whom the ability to protect personal data, traffic filtering and secure data exchange are important.

An increasing number of users need to control access to the Internet. Proxies provide such an opportunity, they are compatible with any browsers and all operating systems.

How it works

The technology for using proxy servers is simple. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has a unique IP address. By this, the computer is recognized by the server.

When the user’s device connects to the site, the following work is done:

The browser sends a request to the server to get the desired page. The server identifies each computer, phone, or other device by its IP address.
The server sends a response in the form of a numeric code. If everything is correct, the browser receives a 200 response, but there are other options. For example, 404 means the page doesn’t exist. If access is blocked for the user, the server notifies the computer about it. In this case, the connection ends with an error message, in some cases its number is displayed to the user on the browser page.
If there are no errors, the user receives the requested page.
Using a proxy means that the browser does not send a request directly to the desired server, but to an intermediate one, which may be located in Russia or other countries at the choice of the end user.

The proxy receives a request from the browser, redirects it on its behalf to the required server. As a result, the blocked page or other content is transmitted to the user. At the same time, the target server does not know that it was dealing with a proxy before.

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Strengths of technology

At the time of the domination of the modem Internet at speeds of less than a hundred kilobits per second, the proxy had only one significant drawback – the connection speed was too low. It is necessary to spend time transferring information from the proxy, from it to the desired server, and then transfer the information in the reverse order. Considering the low Internet speeds of those times, the proxy was difficult to use, too slow information transfer was the main disadvantage.

With the advent of higher speeds, this minus disappeared. As of 2021, the slowdown that appears when using a proxy is imperceptible to the naked eye. The statement is true even when it comes to streaming video downloads.

Another advantage is ease of use. Proxies are very easy to configure, do not require additional knowledge from the user regarding the operation of networks. To connect, just buy a proxy, and then follow the simple instructions.

The third plus is cross-platform. Proxies are equally easy to use on all browsers and popular operating systems, including GNU \ Linux.

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