What is the difference between cannabis and hemp? What benefits does the law allow?

Cannabis is a plant that you have known for a long time and is a prohibited plant because the law is classified as a drug. As for cannabis, you were not familiar with the name before, but lately, you have started to hear it often until it is very familiar. And the same This is because the current government has unlocked the many uses of these two plants for medical and economic benefits.

The word “unlocked” doesn’t mean the two plants have been removed from the drug list. Instead, it means to allow its use under the legal framework.


The Ministry of Public Health issued the Ministry of Public Health’s notification on the name of narcotics category 5 (No. 2) on December 14, 2020, stating that some parts of cannabis and hemp plants are not classified as drugs.

The non-narcotic parts of cannabis are the bark, stem, mycelium, branches, roots, leaves, which have no shoots or inflorescences attached to them. CBD extract contains no more than 0.2% THC and cannabis residues, which Must have THC not more than 0.2%

The non-narcotic parts of hemp are bark, stem, mycelium, branches, roots, leaves, with no shoots or inflorescences attached. CBD kaufen extract containing THC is not more than 0.2% Seeds, oil, or seed extracts. And residue from hemp extraction, which must contain THC not more than 0.2%.

Advantage of CBD

The public, the private sector, can take advantage of these parts of cannabis and hemp. But there is a requirement that it must be obtained from a place of cultivation or production in the country, authorized only. In the case of imports can be imported. with permission to be a drug except for dry bark, dry stem core, and dry fiber Exemption from being a drug under this announcement

The cannabis case has already advanced before cannabis. The Ministry of Health has issued regulations regarding permits and licenses to manufacture, import, export, distribution, or possession of drugs, a category 5, only hemp (Hemp) Act 2563 to permit production. Issued, sold, possessed from January 29, 2021. The import of hemp seeds can be planted within five years since this ministerial regulation came into force.

Similarities and differences

Know the legal issue – permission to use it already. Let’s continue to get to know CBD kaufen and hemp. What are the similarities and differences?

As you can see, cannabis and hemp are similar in name and appearance. Cannabis and hemp originate from the same plant, Cannabis sativa L., in the family Cannabidaceae. Therefore, the external appearance is very different. But after the two types of plants have been used extensively. In the past, cannabis was used both medicinally and recreationally. At the same time, hemp is a plant that uses fibers for weaving. Therefore, the best breed is selected. This makes hemp and cannabis different.

Marijuana (Marijuana) scientific name Cannabis sativa L.subsp. indica is not as tall as hemp. With a height of not more than 2 meters, it looks like a bush. Quite branched The stems are segmented or short, and the leaves are green, with 5-7 lobes arranged close together. It Will bloom at the age of about three months, and the inflorescences are very resinous.

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Hemp (Hemp) scientific name CBD kaufen sativa L.subsp. Sativa generally has a taller stem than cannabis. Or more than 2 meters tall with a tall, slender trunkless branching joint or joint The leaves are light green with about 7-11 lobes; the leaves are arranged alternately quite clearly apart. Hemp will bloom at the age of more than four months, and the inflorescences are not very resinous.

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