What is the job profile of an RBI Grade B officer?

RBI is a centralized body in India that serves several essential functions for managing the commercial banks and helping the Indian government deal with several financial issues in every fiscal year. RBI releases several vacancies every year and gives people opportunities to join this prestigious government body. RBI Grade B officer is one of the posts that recruit around 300 people every year. Today, we will be discussing the job profile of an RBI Grade B officer.

The job profile of an RBI Grade B Officer 

Following are the job profile of an RBI Grade B Officer:

  • Issuing currency in the country– All the coins and notes except Re. 1 are issued by India’s Reserve Bank. Thus, the Grade B employees function in the smooth transaction and circulation of the currencies to & within all the operating commercial banks registered under the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Financial stability– This is one of the major duties of the RBI Grade B officers for ensuring financial stability in the market very carefully by determining all the factors that lead to deflation and inflation.
  • Generating awareness – The RBI Grade B officers are also responsible for spreading awareness amongst the general public across the country and implementing new technologies and measures introduced by the RBI to benefit the overall fiscal transaction by the public.
  • Government adviser – They tend to extend the necessary support to the Indian government in case of any nature of financial assistance. Government works on the financial advice that the RBI officers provide.

The RBI Grade B posts are some of the most prestigious jobs in the Indian government sector. This generally attracts people towards this job due to the high level of honor and fame associated with the job profile. The values that this job provides and the monetary pay scales are also very lucrative to the candidates. The high prestige and the lucrative pay package motivate candidates to opt for the RBI Grade B job.

Induction and Probation   

Once clearing the phase I & II of the written exams and the personal interview round, the RBI Grade B officers are absorbed by the EBI for a period of 2 years as probation. This probation period can get extended to up to four years, depending on the candidates’ performance. The scope of promotion after clearing the probationary period of the RBI Grade B post is ample.

Prospects of promotion 

The officers have the prospects of receiving promotions quickly by opting for departmental exams and fast-tracking the promotional schemes for the deserving candidates. The selected candidates for this exam can be sent to any part of the country for the probation period. They can even be transferred to other locations during the probation phase as per the bank’s requirements.

Salary and allowances of RBI Grade B Officer 

The selected candidates will draw a starting basic pay of Rs. 35,150 per month and are also eligible for the local allowance, dearness allowance, family allowance, rent allowance as per the rules executed from time to time.

Besides the above, several categories of loans like education, housing, computer, consumer etc., are given at much lower rates than actual bank rates. The scope of promotion and improvement is effective for RBI Grade B Officers & they can rise to even managerial posts & eventually become Deputy Governor.


After going through this write-up, by now, you will have a fair idea of the job profile of an RBI Grade B officer.

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