What Is Water Purification And Why It Is Important To Us

The process of removal of contamination from the water is called a water purification process. In this process, all kinds of diseases get removed irrespective of their nature and size. There are various methods of water purification process which eliminate the contamination from the water.  As we know that water is the natural solvent; thus, it can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this property of water becomes the habitat of various kinds of pathogenic material, which cause severe death conditions if consumed without treatment.

Previously boiling water was kind enough to get pure water, but these days, the pathogens are getting tough to remove from the water; thus, boiling water is not that much. Nowadays, to get pure and healthy water, advanced water purification systems are used.

A water purifier is one of the widely used and effective methods of water purification to get pure and healthy water all the time — a water purifier based on the various techniques which can quickly eliminate all kinds of contamination present in water.

Technology Used In Water Purification System

There is various technology that plays an essential role in water purification. Below we have listed some crucial technology used in purification:

Reverse osmosis

It is also known as RO. In this process, water is allowed to pass through the semi-permeable membrane, which has several pore sizes. The pore size of the RO membrane is very tiny; thus, it does not allow any substance to pass through it except water.

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Ultra-violates Ray

The use of ultra-violate rays is crucial because it is used to remove the microbial contamination present in the water. The Ultra-violate rays penetrate the barrier of the microbes and disturb their DNA. Damaging of microbial DNA leads to their and loss of reproduction ability.


This process is as same as reverse osmosis; the only difference is that the ultra-filtration process removes higher molecules present in the water.

Importance Of Water Purification Process

These days most of the countries in the world are suffering from waterborne diseases. This disease occurs mainly due to the drinking of contaminated water. Approximately all the country in the world is suffering from this fatal disease, and more than three million people lost their life due to this deadly disease.

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Consumption of treatment by a water purification system is one of the most widely used methods to avoid waterborne diseases. A water purification process undergoes physical, chemical, and biological means to eliminate physical, chemical, and biological contamination present in the water.

Some Benefits Of Water Purification Process

A water purification process possesses various benefits like eliminating all kinds of contamination and making water perfectly suitable for consumption. Along with this, a water purification system like a water softener reduces the concentration of salts of calcium and magnesium to make water soft. There are various other benefits of the water purification process, and some of these are

  1. Make water perfectly suitable for human uses- Being a natural solvent, water can dissolve almost everything in it, making the water unfit for human uses. But with the help of water purification systems like water purifiers and water softeners, all kinds of water contaminants can be eliminated from the water. Thus water becomes 100% safe for drinking and other domestic uses.
  2. Protect From Various Diseases- On drinking, contamination present in water leads to various kinds of waterborne diseases. A waterborne disease kills millions of people across the globe, but water purification can protect you from this deadly disease. Sometimes bathing under contaminated water leads to various kinds of skin disease, but thanks to the water purification system like water softener that reduces the salts of calcium and magnesium, thus decreasing the chance of getting skin-related diseases.Visit here : newsbench
  3. Improve Your Immune System- Water having contamination in it may disturb the immune system health, and having a weaker immune system can make you prone to various kinds of health issues. But thanks to the water purifier that eliminates all types of pollutants from water thus water does not harm the immune system health and having a robust immune system protects you from various kinds of water health issues.


If you are concerned about your drinking water quality, you can install the best water purifier for your home. Having a water purifier at home ensures that you will drink pure and healthy water when you wish to drink water. Drinking adequately treated water not only protect you from getting sick but also improve the health of your immune system. Thus to live a healthy life, it becomes necessary to drink pure and healthy water. It is not possible until you have a water purification system like an RO water purifier.

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