What Makes Pakistan Such a Lover of Cricket?

When you put Pakistan and cricket together in a sentence there are going to be no surprises. This part of the world has a strong history with cricket and a love of the game throughout Pakistan shows no signs of going anywhere.  When you consider that Hockey is actually the national sport of Pakistan you could be left wondering why the country loves the sport of cricket so much – but here’s why.

Fans Can Get Really Invested

Not only is there plenty of cricket memorabilia to choose from if you do support a Pakistan team but the likes of social media allow fans to stay connected with their favourite teams and players. Being invested in the game helps people to really want a good outcome, which is why many Pakistan cricket fans now opt to place bets on Bet365.

It’s Affordable

People throughout this part of the world love to play cricket because it’s an affordable sport. You don’t know masses of equipment to get started. This means that even children or those from low-income families can join in and have fun with their friends. However, if you do decide that you need a new cricket bat or some new sports shoes the cost of equipment is pretty affordable thanks to the number of factories that manufacture sports goods for export there.

You Can Play it Anywhere

Of course, ideally, you would play cricket on a cricket pitch with the right equipment, but the truth is that you don’t need any of these to be able to enjoy the game. If you visit Pakistan one thing you’ll see is the game of cricket being enjoyed in gardens, on the streets and even in alleyways. It’s a sport that can be played pretty much anywhere.

It’s Highly Promoted

The fact that the Pakistan Super League is considered a mega event in Pakistan and brings in lots of sponsorship opportunities has definitely helped the sport to grow in popularity. After all, if it’s featured on TV adverts, billboards and even partnered with well-known food and drinks companies that it is a sport that is going to be at the forefront of people’s minds.

It’s Open to All

The fact that it can be played anywhere and with minimal means that it is a sport that is considered open to all. When you join in a friendly game of community cricket you’ll find people with all sorts of abilities and skill levels, as in Pakistan this is a game that doesn’t discriminate. Of course, if you want to play to a professional level then you’ll need to have skills and be willing to put in the hard work. However, if it is just a game of friendly cricket with the people of Pakistan then everyone is welcome.

The love of cricket throughout Pakistan isn’t likely to go anywhere soon and when you look at all the reasons why this part of the world loves the sport so much it is easy to see why.

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