What Type of Straw Hat is best?

Trying to find straw hats for women?

Are you also looking to find straw as well as straw hats for girls?

A little theory: the shape of a hat often defines both its use and wearer more than style or cost. We all know that we can wear practically anything on our head and look good (well, okay–that’s not always true…) but the day-to-day function is more important than glamour alone. The straight up and down silhouette of a cloche, for example, makes it practical in cold weather; while the broad-brimmed shape of a sunhat protects the wearer from the sun and makes it practical in warm weather. A straw summer hat tends to be large and round and floppy–and that’s because straw hats for women need practicality.

How so?

Straw is a natural fiber, harvested from plants such as rice, wheat, ryegrasses, bamboos and sorghum. It’s very light in weight; which creates airiness when we’re hot but can also make us feel less protected when we’re cold! The natural structure of straw has a bend in it: it warps in an arc when you twist two strands together (click here to see how) This straw hat as well as the straw hat has a natural curve to it, and bends over itself when joined. A wide brim can be floppy and a little annoying, but the arc of the brim is important–it’s what helps keep rain off your face or allows you to enjoy a cooling breeze if you’re not caught in stormy weather.

What else do I need to know?

The diameter of the crown will also affect how practical your straw summer hat actually is! A large circumference makes for an enormous floppy hat that gets knocked out of place by even gentle breezes; while a slim brimmed hat has its own problems because it doesn’t offer much protection from sunshine, rain or dust.

Whether you’re heading for the beach, doing some shopping or just simply want to look stylish in the sun, straw hats are a great way to protect your face from harmful UV rays. But what do you need to consider before making your purchase?

Take a look at our straw hat buying guide below…

1. What material would you like your straw hat to be?

There are straw hats for men made of straw, straw hats for women made of straw, straw hats for girls made of straw… but there are also straw fedoras, straw sunhats and straw trilbys. And if you prefer the look of woven palm or sisal hats, we’ve got those too.

2. What colour straw hat would you like?

We’ve got straw hats in every colour imaginable – straw hats for men come in black, white, cream, beige, brown and pink straw hats for girls are also available in these colours plus yellow straw hats! We recommend that lighter straw colours are less likely to fade when left out in bright sunlight.

3. What size straw hat would you like?

We sell straw hats in one universal size (which fits the majority) and in a range of smaller sizes which can be purchased in multiples if required for a group. Remember straw hats should fit snugly but not be so tight as to cause discomfort when being worn!

4. What do you need straw hat for?

The reasons straw hats are needed are as vast as the colours straw hats come in! Do you simply want to block out the sun on your holiday abroad, look stylish at a festival or protect your hair from wind and rain? We have straw hats for men, straw hats for girls, straw fedoras – whatever you need!

5. How much would you like to spend on straw hats?

We sell straw hats for all budgets whether it’s £3 – our cheapest option- or £50+ for premium quality dressy straw hats. Choose wisely according to what is comfortable for your wallet without compromising too much on style! You will also receive FREE UK DELIVERY when spending over £20.


Straw hats can be modern and chic or traditional and practical; it all depends on the straw hat you choose. Whether you’re looking for straw hats for men, straw hats for girls, straw fedoras we have a perfect straw hat waiting for you!

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